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I see a cat 4 Huricane is on its way to you
Be safe -these thing can scare the Hell out of you ( and me )
Hope you get through it without any problems
Stay in touch

Yeah, they have Hurricane Florence bee lining for my area by Thursday/Friday but they often don't get it just right that far in advance and we are about 2 hrs inland so they are usually not as severe in the Raleigh, NC area. Hurricane Fran was pretty bad as we had had a major rain and trees were loose in the ground and it knocked a lot of trees over everywhere. We were out of for about a week!  Hurricane Floyd did the most money damage in NC a couple years later as it cause major flooding down east. I remember parts of I-95, not to mention several of our smaller towns, were under water for some time.
I have 3 pretty stout UPS's and now with the LED lights we should at least be able to have lights longer if we were to lose power for while.   My wife even knows the deal with the very low current draw of LED lights, especially the DeWalt 20 volt cordless lights I use all over the place, as she grabbed all of my 3 to 5 amp 20 volt batteries yesterday and  has them all lined up and charged!

Since Fran came in 1996, I have also had the garage built (1999) with separate power servers that pulls off main St, the houses on Main St were only out for about 3 days! So... I told Cheryl if that happened again she could run a drop cord to MY HOUSE! lol

Went through my first high number Huricane last season in central fl
Was a 5 in the Atlanic which i had never ever seen before
Came into lower fl at a 4 or 5
Was a 3 in Tampa coming up the Middle Of The State ( very unusual )
I live one hour above Tampa and it hit us at only a 1 which was a big surprise but a real good one
This is the Bible belt and god works his magic in strange ways
I have no idea how it went from a 3 to a 1 so fast
Oddly enough it went back to a 2 going north into Jacksonville

One of the very biggest issues was getting gasoline
All the station were out of gas and closed so riding to find fuel became a big problem
No gas anyplace in our county for a day or so ( ran out )
After listening to a portable AM radio for a little more than a day that was our only connection to the outside world we had
A bazzar thing to be back using a --battery powered AM radio --with all the devices we use daily these days

I was able to run my home on a 7500 watt gereator (13000 surge )
This was my first attempt at using a generator for this purpose
I had the generator for 12 years but never used it ( brand new )
I pulled it apart and cleaned it up with the storm coming
I had some gas stored which got me started and when we did go out looking for gas we caught a gas station just opening up ( just real lucky ) early on the second day
The gas trucks had police escorts and police presents at the stations
Getting fuel through out the state became a gov priority
I think they now have storage areas to aviod the no gasoline issues

I have to say once we got the generator going we had the house central air -TV and as many appliances as we needed --shutting down those we did not need from the electric pannel
Who knew that this thing would be our slavation and such a joy to experience
I had no idea how great a generator could be under these conditions
I was taking hot showers on the second day and we were basicly back to normal with creature comforts
No major damage thank god but being surrounded by woods a lot of dabri on the ground but we got away really lucky
I had a half foot of tree debri over the entire back yard
On the third day the power came back on

Having been thru this first experience has given me more confidence i can deal reasonably well with these conditions in the future God willing
My home is in a reasonable good location as we usually only get a tropical storm in my county when others get huricanes on the east and west coasts most of the time
An inland hurricane here is not the norm But it was last time
We were under Tornado warings from time to time during the storm

Living in PARADISE sometimes has a down side

Stay safe and get your gasoline needs in order


Gassed up yesterday not that I have anywhere to go, and do not have a generator. After Fran, I went to Home Depot and looked at generators, and saw a low capacity was in the $xxx range, medium was in the $x,xxx and if you really wanted to go all out for an integrated whole house system was probably looking at $xx,xxx range. I did the math, considered that we rarely lose power right downtown here, and decided I have no use for one for general use and the probability of being without power for more than one day once in 10 years is less than 50% and decided it was not worth it for me. Given the fact is 22 years later and have not had the need for a generator, I think my thinking was spot-on.

With that being without power for  a week makes you adapt a bit. We grilled out a lot, and since we still had city water, we would run the bath tub full the day before and the  water temperature would warm up to room temperature (around 80) so taking a bath was not a problem. 

My wife Cheryl is all over this one with candles and lanterns ready, already put things up from the yard that can blow around, and I've got my 14 DeWalt 20 volt battery back and 3 UPS' ready! LOL

We just had a storm front move through my area the last two days. Thursday was one of the hottest days this year, with the humidity, out at the island. Midnight and you could cut the heat with a knife. Two hours later wind and rain temp dropped 20+ degrees. Saturday and Sunday windy AF and pissy rain and wind all day Monday. I actually had to put on the heat. This was all caused by a hurricane on the coast. I'm in the middle of building a timber frame outdoor living area and got nothing done.

The first day without power took the biggest adjustment
Not having coffee in the morn was a major issue for the wife and me -LOL !
There was a feeling of complete isolation from the outside world
No police or emergency personel to be had --if needed god forbid you need help then
Had a portable battery operated radio on a local AM station that let us know the conditions locally in the county including where gasoiine was available
In the evening we lived with candels lanterns and flashlights with only the radio on for news on conditions
Dark --so early to bed

I will say the wife was much less happy with the first days limitations but when we got the generator going it changed our current condition to super livable and enjoyable
Have to wait for the rain to stop before you can run the generator

So looks like plans for hot coffee and an AM radio should be on the Hurrican list --LOL

It sure is an uneasy time with all the variables one could be dealing with -with a high number Hurricane

Stay Safe

My biggest inconvenience will be the loss of my desktop PC and 90" of monitors!  I have a large capacity UPS but with everything plugged up I am pulling about 500 watts and would run for less than 1/2 hr, so when and if I see long term power outage desktop and monitors go offline and rely on iPhones and laptop for getting online.  The cable modem & wifi Routers stay connected to the UPS. 3 of my 8 cameras are powered off one of my 3 UPS's but may try to add one or 2 more before storm hits. Right now looking at clearing a bay in garage to pull wife's SRX inside.  As I  dismantle a parts car, as I am now, that bay becomes my work area as I go through and put up cars, so not a good timing in that regards. Anyway, they are still showing it headed to my front door! Need to get my east facing porch camera connected to the UPS before power is knocked out. I'll make it public and you can see it 1st hand...   

OK.. went into Lowe's and broke down and bought a small 3600 Watt portable generator. If it weren't for the Fridge and Freezer I would probably go another 22 years until the next major story without a generator... but I love my Smoothies! LOL 
Here is Brutus loaded with my back up plan:

Only you could make this a personal Media event-- from you yard -- AMAZING !!!

Can i suggest you take a video of all your rooms cars and valuables for insurance reason
Part of the issue is a good amount of labor of one kind or another and a lot of things to think about keeping safe

My wife just read to me that you bought a genertor --on facebook
Great idea if i do say so myself !

I have about 30 foot or so of a heavy cable i run from the generator to my electric dryers plug i got at an electric supply house
Shut off the main at the electric box -(now off the grid ) flip off all the individual breakers -- flip on the dryer circuit breaker --right after you start the generator
The house is powered
Now just turn on each circuit braker that is what you desire to be using
The generator is protected by circuit breakers if you do run to many things all at the same time which became unnecessary
Mine powered everything I thru at it -- WHO KNEW ?

The experience was so very enjoyable

My generator is preped and ready to go since last month
It is the major part of my storm ready preparedness
Always Shut down all the circuit brakers before you shut down the running generator

Let it cool when refiling with gas -- a fire haszard

Chain the generator to some thing so no one steals it ( a hot commodity )
I put mine outside my two car garage about 5-7 feet in front of the door and chain it to the door runners and close the door on the wire and chain ( has a rubber seal )
My electric dryer is in the garage
Exhaust getting into the home is -extremely dangerous !!!
I know people die from this every year in Fl

You never want to turn on--the main for any reason --with the generator running as you will put any linemen working on repair the lines in DANGER
Following some the proceedure above will have you safe and your home running very safe and comfortable -- off the grid

Hoping some of the above thoughts will be helpful in you handeling a power outage in the best possible way

From my last experience we did not get cable or internet from our provider until well into the second day the power was out
Soon as we got the service back we had use of it due to the generator powering the house and everything in it

May the power be with you --when you need it the most


11 pm update shows the storm tracking further south from us when it come on shore around Wilmington NC.  Lowe's said we could return the generator if unopened … so will keep in the bed of Brutus for now!  I really have had no need for a generator for more than a few hrs in the last 20 years...but do remember the lengthy down time with Fran. Either way, I will have the generator thru this storm in case I need it. We have a freezer full of food and would really hate to lose any of that... so we will see!

What did one coconut tree say to the other coconut tree?

Hold onto ya nuts, this is gunna be some blow job...... LOL PMSL :-)

Ohhhh, come on, that's funny. That one really cracked them up in second grade.



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