I have been wondering for a while why when you both disassemble a car that you take a door for example and remove every part down to the doors core when the entire door might be desirable as a hole to someone --if all is in good condition
That applies to vent windows with glass removed from their frame --Etc
It seems that just charging more for the complete door would make a lot of good sence and save the customer some time in the process

I am sure there is a good reason
I just do not understand the logic behind that approach and would like to know --thanks


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Tony, I have a few complete doors, but the shipping cost always kills the deal.

Getting a core door and swapping the good components from the rusted door is cheaper.

The bottom line is people almost never need complete doors. They need window motors, windows regulators, window trim, vent windows, vent window regulators, wiring, cams, regulators, guides, locks, handles, hinges, etc. etc. I have been selling parts for 22 years and only remember being asked for a complete door once... and it was local pick up.  I keep a spreadsheet of the different contacts over the last 22 years, and have over 2400 contacts at this point (at least unique email addresses) and again have only been asked for a complete door with everything one time! If your window motor has stopped working why would you want a complete door? If the bottom of your core door is rusted, why would you want to pay for the other 99 items? Even if they are discounted you are paying for a lot of parts you probably do not need.  In addition a complete door goes above max weight and size limit allowed by US Postal, and other transport options becomes very expensive.  I can ship either a sedan or coupe/conv core door at a fraction of the cost to transport a complete door.   Another thing to consider especially if you consider the door panels, and all that goes with is it you have dozens of variations of each door depending on body style, options, color, etc.  Even having parted 49 cars including 37 1964's the odds of me having a door exactly like you need is very slim. 

Look at it like this:
I did a scan of my receipts for the last year. I have had 457 transactions in the last year. 52 of those included door related parts. Looking at the last couple of weeks they have included everything from vacuum door lock actuators, to door hinges, to door pull handle screws and door window up stops and many more items. If I decided to just set the door aside and only sell as a complete door, then there would be 52 customers from the past year that would not have gotten a part they needed, and  I would have much less spendin' money in my pocket! 

Thanks Guys --Very Much !

Interesting to understand that concept

inquiring Minds Need To Know this stuff

Always wonderful to have you both to interact with on the site




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