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I need to replace the gasket under that plate it won't come apart does anyone know how to get it off? Its acting like the bearings are keeping it together if I try pulling it apart it seems like its wanting to pull the shaft out too 

Well, it's been 20 years since I've done a jetaway, but i'll give it a shot.   It looks like we're looking at the rear of the trans.  There's a snap ring on that shaft, and once that's off the reverse housing should be free to slide off.  I'd lightly pull or pry the housing up and tap the end of the output shaft with a plastic mallet, a heavy one.  
Generally all RWD hydramatics are built so that the parts drop in from the bell housing back, that shaft will  be attached to the rear unit and won't come out.  If it's moving a lot, and seems like it's taking the shaft with it, you may an end play issue in the trans or a broken snap ring inside.  Check your end play when you get it back together if it seems the guts are moving too much.  

That's exactly what it's doing it feels like its pulling the shaft out with it and I was afraid to pry on it and the bearings pop out or it damage something in the transmission I got the snap ring out and all so I'll try on it and tap the shaft and hopefully it comes out with no problem. Thanks!!!!! 

57 Hydramatic Teardown

this is from a 57, which is the same transmission.  It should help

Thank you 

I just tore a trans down, and that bearing is a press fit, real tight. Pry the plate back and tap on the shaft. There is a tube type filter that will tear when you take the plate off, so get a new one to install.

I got it off thanks alot!! Hey quick question I got new gaskets for it should I use rtv sealant (black) on these gaskets? I only ask because I do not want to do this again and to make sure it doesn't leak i was thinking about putting a thin coat on both sides to be sure 

No.  I don't recommend it.  Each of the holes in that gasket which doesn't take a screw is a hydraulic or lubrication feed.  If the RTV blocks those passages, even partially, it could starve out an internal component.    I've never had a paper gasket I put on leak, and I've done a few.   Just make sure to flatten out any burrs you may have made while prying it, and that it's clean, and it will be fine.   

Check and change that filter too. If it is clogged, it causes governor problems.

While the tail shaft housing is off, I'd suggest replacing the drive shaft yoke bushings if there is any visible play when the yoke is in the bushing. These bushings can be a source of vibration if they are worn. Be sure the bearing in the housing is in good condition while you have access to replace it. HTH

Okay no rtv, I'll replace the filter and their is no play on the shaft bearings are good. Is their any special way I need to put this back together due to the bearings being pressed on their



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