When I did the 3 drive belts up the front, I just couldn't help myself. At least it looked good until I started it.

And just a couple of shots after I did the A/C fan motor repair. (Still going good too)

If you're wondering about the top rad hose, its a Nissan Urvan bottom rad house cut and shut to fit with a sleeve. By painting the sleeve black and using black heat shrink on the hose clamps, it sort of blends in ok, well, ya might have to squint a little bit huh.

Hard to get the correct hose in land Down Under.... But there is always a second way to do everything.

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Looks good to me.

That engine compartment looks fantastic Kev.


Important to have the fan belts in good order especially if doing long drives

The last time i broke a belt the one that broke took out the the other two
So now i was dead in the water with no belts working --not a good day !
Running the car would cause it to overheat quickly with no water pump working
With the steering pump out these cars are a Bear to drive

I really Hate the things that get you STUCK when out for a drive
So just a heads up while we are on he subject of belts

Tools and belts in the trunk could be a good ideaa if the age of your belts is not known and you are into long drives
Just giving the belts a look to see there condition might have others avoid getting Stuck in the near future

Never broke a fan belt on any other car but never had a car around for 54 years either


The engine bay does look super nice and very clean
A very nice example of a Classy Guys 64 Fleetwood i would say


I always replace belts and hoses well before their use by date.

I also carry, 3 belts, 2 hoses, some jumper leads, a smallish bound tool kit, toilet paper and a few odds and sods in the car at all times. I have an old suit case, and it all goes in that.

Then, on the suit case, i have the stickers of the cars trip from North America to Australia. Even on the name tag on the suit case, I have the original owners name and address. The suit case just sits next to the Cadillac Cooler we have, our 60's picnic basket (Yogi would love it) and our spare tyre, which is brand new and ready to roll.... so to speak.

My theory is, if i carry it, i'll never need it.

Last week, the WIFE'S car came in for some loving too. Serviced the engine, the auto,2 new donuts and centre bearing, replaced the top house, fuel filter and a really good once over of everything.

Detailed the interior, polished it...... the works. Look how dry we are at the moment. We've just had, the driest and hottest summer here since 1902. Sure wish it would rain.

Looks fantastic! I like the "adapt, improvise and overcome" method of coming up with an upper radiator hose using the different pieces. I've probably got about 2 dozen of them with 2 or 3 still new and never used from parts car still the paper labels, and you can still get them stateside new for about $20 or so + shipping/taxes and could probably get you a new Gates 20492 (the # for the upper hose) for about $30 and include with any future box full of goodies going from my house to yours.  I think it looks fine as is as they say when you start down that "gotta be original" slope, it becomes very slippery! LOL  Same with chroming parts!

Could you please tag a brand new one for me Jason?

With the Aussie dollar worth bugger all and postage these days, i need to make each lot count. At least what I have now, is way better looking than the ol donkey dick hose it had before.

Over the next few weeks, I might make a list of anything i could possibly want/need/use and then get you to bundle it up for me.

Has "Gophers R Us" done Dino's dicky ticker lifter yet?

Kevin, This past parts car had new upper and lower radiator hoses installed, never put on the road. It also had new clamps. I would go $20 for the upper or $35 for the upper and lower and include the new clamps. If you want to just buy them now and pick up later that would be fine. Just shoot me a PayPal to jasonedge@nc.rr.com.  Here are some pictures:

That sounds like a plan Jason.

I'll take both. I'll zip you an email later on and Astrid will arrange for some money to changes hands from there.  

I've sent you an email Jason....

Hers a couple of pics of some Cadillac's from Saturday night. I must have run over the photographers foot or something..... every Caddy got a picture except ours..... LOL But I did manage to sneak into some other pics.

My mate Rob's 56 Chev

This is Noel's 68

Told ya we were there.

This 64 was pretty nice too...

Hey Jason.... can you please square up my picture please.



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