Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Is In!

As the world comes to a standstill over the Corona Virus scare and many of you are confined to home, or work and home, or work and home and the grocery store, or some variation of that I thought I would pop in and ramble a bit. I don't have a feature car for a newsletter story, so I will share some thoughts.  Let us know how this is impacting you and maybe what you are doing ... and what condition your condition is in during your down time. Just to note ... no politics. 

1st: I need a feature car story!!! You are all sitting a home, staring at your screen, or this link www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ watching the #'s go up, up and away, and wondering what should I do to bide my time as I do my civic duty and socially distance myself, and the answer is right out the garage ... write that story for Jason so he can share with the world your fantastic 1963 or 1964 Cadillac! So, no excuses. I expect to have plenty of great stories with pictures in the near future.

2nd: Go to the garage and tend to what needs tending! 
We all have those things we have put off forever and have kept saying... If I only had the time I would do this or that. Well, you have the time! Take on a small project that you can complete in a few hours or a few days and get it done!  When that project is completed you will have a sense of accomplishment. If we are in this "shut down" mode for an extended period, go to something else. Maybe a house project, or better yet a "honey do" project. The Boss might even let you go back and take on another project in the garage the next week!    

3rd: So You Got a Big TV and Stereo System ... USE IT! Relax, watch some movies; listen to your music.  Most of us have something bigger than the 25" TV's we had growing up, have Netflix, etc. and some have even opted for that crazy surround sound stuff!  Now's the time go go back and watch those great movies you really enjoyed and would like to see them again. I remember after retiring going into a John Wayne movie phase, then a Hitchcock movie phase,  ... and of course I have my X-Men, Star Wars, and other Zillion Part movies that I will often go back to. Here's your chance to unwind, and watch a movie or listen to your music at home and actually get something done... not spread this bad virus!

And to wrap things up... I will leave you with my favorite tune, and appropriate given our current circumstances, from Kenny Rogers, who sadly just passed away: 

Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Is In!

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So far so good us Canadians are trying are best to cope just like all Americans and nations be safe

Hi Kelly, With just over 2000 cases looks like Canada is fairing better than the U.S. which will probably go past 50,000 cases later today or tomorrow. I know there is a population difference, but looking at the chart you are at 55 cases per million while we are at 139... and climbing. Hopefully the #'s will plateau for everyone soon.

Raleigh and Wake County goes lock down tomorrow. Doesn’t affect me much as I just keep doing what I do around here everyday anyway. Have engine and transmission ready to come out of parts car # 52 tomorrow. There were Lots of goodies on this one.  Wiring and plumbing done on new house addition and supposed to have spray foam insulation sprayed Tuesday, then I put my Sheetrock hat on.

On this car it was neat to see the cork still in the front crank end... it actually came out complete and the Hydra-Matic Linkage shield was all there and looked like it had never been removed. I'm cleaning it up and will see if I have anyone on my  Wait List later. See picture on the car below. I seem to always go back and forth between house projects and garage projects. Never bored. 


Like you we are staying home and that does keep me busy always a good thing and income no issue like many others losing there jobs 

Watching a lot of  very good shows on Netflx 

The problem arises when you need some basics like bread milk  butter that are needing replacing 

The delivery services are backed up for 3-4 days and limited inventory  in stores right now which could be a slight problem 

Trying not to go out at all being —-in the danger zone —but might not be possible to never go out 

Going to the smaller stores  locally as opposed to the big Super markets and Walmart which just seems to a good practice during this period

Southern Florida is having much more issues than my west central Florida area which reduces our exposure to people numbers 

Have an exceptional  respirator ( with two canisters for paint work ) and gloves as it is almost impossible to not be touching gas pumps entrance door handles and key pads to pay for items the steering wheel and shift handle delivery boxes — etc 

We are taking the convertible out which always adds joy to the day no matter what else is going on and gives us some fun relief and makes thing more bearable 

My wife and I are home a lot and together 24 hours a day mostly for years being retired and enjoy each other company always 

Thank god we are two pea in a pod 

Sure these circumstances will be putting many peoples relationships to the test with the added stress and fear this situation has put on us and the kids home ( oh god no !) 

Having a big problem with people who are more or less ignoring the self quarantine  and going about there normal business which will be extending the improvement curve 

This  situation is bringing out some of the worst in human nature for those only to be thinking about themselves ( still gathering in large groups ) with no regard for expanding the current problem curve 

It is mostly about saving lives  of all ages as much as is possible at this point 

Stay safe as we need you around 

God Bless us all —- Amen



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How to sensibly deal with the Corona Virus

Posted by Jeff Kinzler on March 14, 2020 at 5:02pm 6 Comments


I found this very helpful, written by a knowledgeable authority in public health. 

Remember, Viruses are not spread by Cadillacs so get out and drive!

Safe & Healthy travels. 

Jeff Kinzler

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