I thought I'd post a list of the things I've done to my 1964 Sedan deVille four window since I purchased it in March of 2015. The list is not complete or in order as I'm going from memory but I will add as I go along.

Trunk gasket
Door gaskets
Front and rear window gaskets
Halogen headlights
Various light bulbs
All rubber fuel lines including the filler neck
All brake flex lines
New master cylinder and booster
New front wheel cylinders
Rebuilt rear brake cylinders
Brake lines flushed and new synthetic fluid added
Fixed windshield washer pump
Fixed windshield washer tank
New Water pump X2
Upper and lower rad hoses
New heater hoses
Front and rear seats redone and pads rebuilt
New package tray
New stereo and centre counsel (four amps ten speakers)
New dome light lenses
New rostra cruise control added
New transmission mount
New transmission tail stock bushing and seal
Five new u-joints
New rear axle lubricant
New transmission filter and fluid and gasket
Repaired antenna
New door arm resrts (Jason) painted to match the interior (four)
All window regulators cleaned and greased
New fuel sending unit and sock
New trunk lining, paint and detailing
Neutral safety switch repaired (not vacuum actuator)
Kick panels repaired with Fiberglas resin
All five rims sandblasted and painted
Five new Coker wide white walls
One new deVille emblem
Right front fender and left quarter panel (lower) painted
Whole car wet sanded and compounded, polished, fine polish, micro polish with glaze, synthetic polish wax and then carnuba wax
Windows tinted
Two inch lowering springs
Five new ball joints
All new polyurethane bushings front and back where available
New shocks front and back
Radiator flush
Engine flushed
New power steering hoses and flushed with synthetic fluid
New engine belts
Under hood painting/detailing started
All doors adjusted
New thermostat
New rad and fuel caps
Plugs, wires, cap and rotor
Pertronics II ignition
New electronic votage regulator (now off car)
New 150 amp alternator
Replaced missing starter bracket (Russ)
Front fender trim an various other small parts (Jason and Russ)
Seatbelt return spring
Rear seat belts and bolt kit
New battery
Battery tray soaked in rust remover painted
Rear door shields (metal) to replace broken plastic ones
Shop manual
Passenger side bumper top piece and headlight pot (dinged and bent from small accident minor) not installed
PCV valve
New exhaust
Heat riser replaced with new spacer
New stainless wipers to replace plastic ones
Vacuum, water temp and oil pressure gauges
Backup camera (stereo system)
Year of manufactur plates

Recently purchased for climate control rebuild
New style compressor
Expansion valve
STV update kit
New dryer receiver
New o-rings
R-134 refrigerant
Pag oil
Air conditioning flush kit and solvent
New interior and exterior vacuum actuators for mode doors
A/c and defroster duct hoses (Jason)
New vacuum hose kit
Heater control valve number 2
Tim groves climate control book
Vacuum pump
A/C gauge set

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Geez Clovis, that's only about two week-ends work....what ya been doing all the res of the time.

I must admit, it makes me feel better about the work i'm doing on my own car.

What do you think I've been doing the rest of the time Kevin? CRUSING BROTHER LOL!!!!

It's crazy how much work we end of doing on these cars but is more like a hobby than work for most of us.  I like the list and reminds me of the Excel Maintenance spreadsheet I keep for most of the basic stuff I do for all of our cars. I also include the date and mileage items are performed as it is easy to lose track if when do certain things. As an example, I just changed spark plugs on my 64 CDV and was staring at the PCV valve, and couldn't remember when I had last changed it. I checked the spreadsheet and it was just 3 months ago! LOL

Ha ha ha ha, they say those with OCD lose the their memory first. LOL

(only joking, please don't ban me)

Today I ran a new ground wire to the battery frame connection at the rad cradle. Also cleaned grounds there while I was at it. (Trying to get rid of a ground fault in the new stereo)

Checked the under dash one way vacuum valve and since it was bad made a new one as per this forum. While I was under there I replaced all vacuum lines with new ones. I also checked the vacuum tank under the hood. It contains a one way valve also and is a very important one as that's the reserve for our climate control systems. It was not holding a very good vacuum so I gave it a shot of wd40 to clean it up and now my vacuum gauge stays at 15 punds for quite some time. It starts at 22 but something in the system moves when the key is turned off and uses a bit of vacuum.
I also got in my "year of manufacture" licence plates that I had ordered online today they come with a guarantee that they will be accepted by the ministry. $150 for the plates then $14 to ship them to the ministry for approval and a cheque for $256 or so for the approval letter. Then I still have to register them to my car.

Four trips to Canadian tire today for vacuum parts, wire, more vacuum parts and finally two spray bottles of interior detailer.

Labor of love, these old gals are.

The extent you have gone to restore your 64 is very impressive in attention to detail and expense you have invested in the subject
Your determination to have a very fine 64 i am sure is your motivation
Not everyone has the skills to accomplish what you have in a short amount of time considering what you have fixed
You will have a great number of reasons to be very proud of what you have accomplished
Many would love to have the skills you have shown but just do not have what it takes in knowledge and experience to get this stuff done corectly
For many the desire is there but the skills are lacking
Owning a Classic Antique Cadillac is just not for everone and that is a big reason owning and enjoying these very unnique cars is a mind blower when you see one out and about
We are truly a very unique bunch of individuals doing this stuff

Ok now I've gone and really done it! Sooo since I was going to be tearing into my cars climate control and putting on new valve cover gaskets and continuing with the under hood detail and paint in the process I've decided to go one step further. When I did the last water pump change I had a slight leak at the o ring. It's kind of sealed itself but all my bolts are a mismash of sorts and I wanted to change my water pump to the original style impeller kind and put in a high flow 160* thermostat. So I've now ordered another water pump and thermostat to install with a new set of 16 bolts to use. I will have two very low mile water pumps for sale with the impeller properly pressed on if anyone is interested. BUT what I've really gone and done is order a FiTech fuel injection and sump system. I'm not so interested in the added response they are supposed to give but more for fuel mileage, engine wear, emissions, ease of starts, timing control, electric fan control and remote starting ability. I will be putting an alarm on it in the near future and most alarm systems today have remote starting ability along with door unlock ability. I wil be also be installing door lock poppers (eventually). I guess that's more than one step farther LOL but I've REALLY wanted to do this for a while now. Who knows if it works good I also may have a perfectly good working carburetor for sale too!
As I've said about the FiTech system and its ability to turn on a fan at a setable temp I'm keeping my options open for an electric fan install. Again I'm looking to improve fuel mileage and that fan sucks horsepower like crazy. My alternator is a powerhouse 150 amp unit so I will be able run anything I want. I also have been keeping my eyes open for a 1964 Cadillac parts car without the climate control system that had the lower gear ratio in the axle. Decisions decisions!!!
I've read over Jason's articles on his intake and carburetor upgrade and I'm going to need to also modify my intake. The gasket that came with the FiTech unit is an open design. Looks like one for a single plane intake that is open under the carb. I'm not a big fan of the area under carb being left with gaps and steps like Jason. I've been thinking of modifying my intake to look similar to a eldebrock rpm air gap intake. Here is a picture of one to see what I'm thinking about. Any thoughts from those who have used this intake or of this direction I'm going with mine?

That intake setup might be better suited for your FiTech hardware. I was more or less trying to mirror the primaries on the Edelbrock 1411 on my project and just enlarged and ported straight down:



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