I have a question... When I was a young boy and teenager working in full service gas stations in the late 1960's early 1970's, I know I saw several Cadillacs with an A/C brand metal fuel filter in the place where the glass bowl filter would be on our 63's & 64's. In addition, I was told ,and heard more than once, that these filters were a replacement for the " dangerous " glass bowl filters. Does anyone know about this and is there a metal filter replacement available today ? 

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With all this talk about glass fuel filters and the after market ones please do realize there is a secondary metal mesh filter at the entrance to the carb that should not be overlooked and inspected if a fuel line debri issue ( a very dirty fuel filter ) is the problem
Two filters not one ( should be enough )

I had an issue i would like to share
My car was running just fine around town but when i took it out on to the highway and was running at 50-60 MPH the car started to run on the hot side
I established that the engine was running lean and causing the temp to rise
That was caused by a dirty fuel filter
Most of my driving was done around town
I only found that problem when putting my car on test runs doing a variety of different driving conditions to see whats up with it performance
I was starving for fuel and power at higher speeds
Engine heat is the enemy as it breaks down oils ability to lubricate as it should


Our mesh one has been done away with long ago prior to us owning the car.

The big issue with fuel filters, is they get little or no attention until they poop themselves.....Include the fuel filter with every oil filter change and your looking good. Our car will see the oil, filters etc done every 5,000 miles.

The changing oil thing becomes a bit of a different story to those using there cars on limited basis
The oil interval is a given in miles but it is that interval OR One Year for an oil change per the oil manufactureres
What ever comes first
i put only 600-1000 miles a year on my convert

Do grease the car every time you do your oil change will help keep the suspension and rear end dif in good working order for the long haul





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OK, here we go.....

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