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Got interested in the side discussion in this discussion. So decided to get some extra knowledge (English not being my main language).

Wikipedia is a good place for a lot of stuff, as long its not about politics or anything else that is "polarized". I do not think motors vs. engines are on the brink of becoming something people should kill each other over so I trust Wikipedia (for now).

There they write: "Motor and engine are interchangeable in standard English". That sounds pretty clear to me, but the next sentence supports some claims done by members in this discussion: "In some engineering jargons, the two words have different meanings, in which engine is a device that burns or otherwise consumes fuel, changing its chemical composition, and a motor is a device driven by electricity, air, or hydraulic pressure, which does not change the chemical composition of its energy source." Unfortunately the next sentence then collapses the above: "However, rocketry uses the term rocket motor, even though they consume fuel."

So as you can see form the above an engine is the same as a motor. But calling a "siege engine" a "siege motor" doesn't feel right either. And my search engine did not use any fuel (so adequately pointed out by Mark) when directing me to Wikipedia.

I do think everyone's opinion can find support in the wikipedia link below:

An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of ene...

The above text is not intended to disturb or upset anybody. Its just a personal reflection on something I didn't know until this discussion was opened up. I'm very thankful I got to learn this and will from now on try to use the words engine and motor as indicated in the "engineering jargon". Ohh, just realized something. Engineering. Is that only to be used when working on engines? And motoring for when working on motors?   Sigh!!!!


Talk about opening a can of motor engine worms 

I think I have to call it the —Power Train ——from now on !

First guy —-that puts an electric motor in one of our cars ( and it will happen ) is going to get an Ear Full from me —LOL !!


Tell me about it all I wanted to know what they are and should I replace them yes I used the wrong term but I paste and copy from Steele web site figure they know what they are talking about

Yes I got pissed of I thought I asked a simple question not about laptop's rocket engine. Yes I know it's not a motor oops an engine mount call it you want it's still is and  does The same thing .so has any one replaced there yaw mounts or thrown them away

Y'all'have a good day Scott 

need to piss anyone off but I was shame on me

You surely should replace them if they are damaged or worn ( as I see your are ) 

I would go with the Cadillac engineers on this judgement —not sure what effect it would have on drivetrain vibration  problems if they are removed 

Cadillac has them there for good reason are my own thoughts 




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