Need help finding some trim moldings for my 3rd car, a 1987 Buick Estate Wagon

I know this is a forum for 63/64 Cadillacs, but I have run out of options and hoping that someone would happen to stumble on a missing part for my non-woodie dark-blue 1987 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon (color code GM 8592).

I bought a low mileage, one owner Estate Wagon last fall. The car is in near new condition except that the first owner scratched the right rear door and right rear fender when driving into the garage.

The car is now at the final stages at the body/paint shop and they will start to refit all moldings. However the rear right side door trim molding is missing and I need one. Prefer of course a new, but right now any condition will do.

Have been calling and mailing everything and everybody (including every scrapyard known to man) but so far no luck. All bigger auction site send automatic message if something pops up, but for over three months nothing. So my hope is that someone in here happens to find that parts car, junk yard, yard sale, flea market, craiglist or whatever and remembers me.

I would not mind buying all lower trim moldings including wheel wells for this car if these are in excellent condition. But priority is of course the right rear door trim molding. Its not the same as on other GM Estate Wagons, so a Caprice or Custom Cruiser won't work. Has to be a Buick LeSabre or Electra Estate Wagon. 1986-87 20654826 should be correct (at least that's what my 1989 Buick "B" catalgoue thinks). 1988-89 is different so not sure it would work.

From 1989 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon parts and illustrations catalogue effective September 1988:

Here is a picture of the car today at the body/paint shop. It is in perfect condition with original color, but with modern lacquer. The car was completely sanded down before painting, including roof!

Here is a picture of the trim moldings that was fitted before repair. Note the missing one!

On the left side as reference:

The trim molding is of a stainless type base fastened by three rivets and adhesive tape. The blue "rubber" core thing is slided into the base and covers the rivets.

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Somebody has to drive the climate change.   ;-)

However did find a car club here in Sweden that is doing the best thing for the environment. They say that building and scrapping cars are the worst in terms of the climate change. They claim the best way for the climate is to use the cars as long as possible. And NOT using old dinosaurs to fuel them. So they convert 30+ year old cars to run on 100% bio-fuel. Like ethanol/methanol or rape-seed oil. Basically turning the "bad" cars into good cars.

Buying a hybrid, electrical, diesel or any other new car is basically wrong for the environment. Best is to use the resources as long as possible. So I been trying to get hold of the Club and see what's going on. Sent an email, but it bounced. What worries me is that the guys died already. From age or sniffing methanol.

By the way, rape-seed oil doesn't sound very #MeToo!!!! 

Just watched an eposode of - Counting Cars out of Las Vegas
Dee Snider of the rock group Twisted Sister ( who is a good friend of a friend of mine who work together ) dropped off his Tesler ( all electric ) off at the shop for some paint work
The car does 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and runs a 10 second quarter mile
350 miles on a charge and only costs $100,000 --LOL !

Expensive but those are some performance numbers for some of the cars of the future

The car has a front and rear trunk as the electric motors are located on each wheel of the car --Wow !!

The car environmental guys have a lot to look foward to

Enjoy or your doing it wrong !

Agreed the numbers are nice. Except for the resources used in production. Car batteries are not nice for the environment. And if the electricity is produced from coal/oil then its not good either.

To replace all gasoline/diesel cars in the world with battery-powered cars is not possible. Local environment will be great, but not the earths climate. It might actually make it worse then what we have done so far.

Personally I am leaning towards fuel-cell powered cars. But that is only good if the hydrogen is produced from solar/wind or other non-fossil ways. Hydrogen produced from oil/coal would be the worst for the climate.

But before all our cars are hydrogen powered, we should use our already manufactured cars with ethanol/methanol, rape-seed oil or whatever is possible to grow/harvest instead of digging up oil/coal or rare earth-metal.

Getting a bit off topic, but since you mentioned Counting Cars there is a fantastic CLC Self-Starter Oct. 2018 Issue story by CLC member Steven Albanese on his 1966 de Ville Convertible and the cars history and how it ended up on Counting Cars. Owner Danny Koker, owner and star of the show is a big fan of 60's Cadillacs and had agreed to take it on and store to mostly original. The car has a really cool history starting as his dad's family car in 1966 when living in Titusville and working on the Apollo space program.  If any of you are CLC members, and appreciate the history of these cars, you gotta check it out! If not a member join, today! The monthly Self-Starter is just one of the many perks.

… meant to say 1966 deVille Convertible. Not 1963.  The 66 owned by Steven aired on Counting Cars back in August.



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