Looking to add a digital coolant temp gauge to my 1964 Deville with the 429.  The temp sensor is 3/8 NPT and manufacturer wants it installed in intake or cylinder head in a continuous flow of coolant.

Only threaded port I can see is where the existing temp sending unit is at the front of the driver cylinder head.  Anybody know of any other threaded ports on the heads?


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Yep, all that crazy stuff came from my feeble mind and hands. I originally built the intake in '03 and made changes to it twice since then. It's steady state now. I also built the headers and designed the serpentine conversion plate which I had water jetted out for me. I proto-typed it out in 1/4" MDF and when I was happy sent the drawing to the machine shop. I also drew up a 36 toothed wheel for the computer crank trigger and had it water jetted out. I heat shrunk it onto the Buick 3.8 turbo lower pulley I am using. The ignition is run by the computer using the crank triggered signal. The coils are LS truck from a Savana van. The brakes are hydro-boost scavenged from a Chevy Silverado HD and Wilwwod discs all around. A buddy ported the heads and a local machine shop hogged them out to accept some custom made Manley valves. I designed the cam profile using Dyno-Sim software and sent that off to Howards who ground it. 

My background is machinist/mechanic until I was 40. I got married and went back to school and got my MCSE which got me in to IT. Spent 17 years with EDS and HP and am now just fiddling in my garage making control arms and doing small jobs for friends. Been a tinkerer all my life, just can't leave well enough alone!


To say I am impressed by you skills is truly an understatement on my part 

You are a very special individual to be doing the work you are on your incredible  ride and I am not easily impressed usually by this stuff but all I can say is —- Wow !! 
Do keep us posted on your project moving forward 

Sure I have never seen anything quite like it in our year Cadillacs and I live and breath 63-64 Cadillacs as I have mine since it came off the showroom floor and just love everything about these cars 



Dan - the Man !  ( if I may ) 

Your complete redesign of the 429 engine using some of the newest auto technologies available today has me sitting here thinking - this guy has some great  and very amazing stuff going on here 

Wish I could be there when you pop the hood for any reason to be seeing the reaction of the car guys circling around you Classic Antique— one of a kind  64 Cadillac 

Dan are you the gentleman that has been making the after market rear control arms with the poly bushings ?

I admire the skills you have because I wish I had the ability to do the kind of fabrication you do  ( no way ) 

A true metal fabrication — ARTIST  and a pleasure to see your work and accomplishments 

We need more guys like you around our great hobby 

First time I have heard about the water cutting to be making the parts you have designed 



Thanks for the kind words. There are tons of guys more skilled than me but I am persistent if nothing else. Yes, I make the replacement control arms. 

My car does get a fair bit of attention at shows because it is unique. There is a lot of same old same old at shows. When true car guys get to mine they stop, stare for a bit and then come the questions. Very gratifying and I meet lot's of interesting people during the course of any show my car is in. 

Unfortunately, my car isn't a 63/64, it's a 62 and a very plain Jane at that. The only option is soft ray tinted windows and a dealer installed block heater. It's plainer that a Chevy Biscayne. I bought it as a parts car 22 years ago. We bonded and I spared it. Being a very Vanilla car it's restored value would not cover the cost of getting it into show shape so I resto modded it to make it a sporty version. A 1962 CTS. I made custom rear trailing arms that let me change to QA1 coil over shocks, had stiffer front springs made, put in a TREMEC 5 speed, a Ford 9" diff and many more details that are too numerous to mention. 

Here are some links to stories about my car. They both get things wrong. The first one get's hydro boost brakes confused with turbo charging if you can imagine that and the second get the year of the motor and the cylinder head mods mixed up. Oh well. For the most part they are okay articles and the authors mean well. I particularly enjoyed the second author. He really understood my passion for my car.

Thanks again,





My very favorite body style of all the early 60’s Cadillacs is the 62 especially after owning my 62 convertible for a number of years ( 7 ) 

That car with A/c fit every  creature comfort need imaginable from being in my shirt and tie to going to the beach in my bathing suit ( Bingo ! )

I had the very amazing fortune to turn my dad ( the unlimited car guy - for real ) on to early 60’s Cadillacs and 65 Porsche convertibles ( last  and best year of the half egg ) when few new what a Porsche was 

Each of us had a 65 Porsche convertible after I suggested he should get one when he sent me to find a VW for him to use to commute to work ( the best in NY snow ) 

My dad had a new VW when there were only 50 in the USA as they were winning the 3 day endurance  races in Conneticut while the high performance cars would be braking down on the side of the road 

My dad like Jason collected and restored these year Cadillacs ( 62-64 ) with a garage full of car  parts he had disassembled by his workers 

He had a collection of 7 Cadillacs in those years that were fully restored register and ready to roll all the result of owning my 62 convert and my influence 

I was 21 years  old and standing next to my dad when he bought the  new 64 convert  I now have from his collection —off the showroom floor and my Chevy 409 425 HP ( he bought for me ) moments apart 

One of the very best days of my life next to the day he asked me which one of his collection of Cadillacs I would like to own 

I chose the 64 over the 62 convert at that time mostly due to the performance advances in the 64 had to offer 

The two thing that made me go with the 64 is that he bought it new  with me there and that I saw it one day in my dads driveway with the top down and —-that image has stayed in my minds eye ever  since 

The top of my 64  is very very seldom up ( down in the garage ready to go— always ) only being used on the best of weather days by me  and my wife in Florida causing a seen were ever we take it 

It will be going to my Son who is so much like my dad regarding the subject of cars with his own list of amazing performance machines to his name 

The apple does not fall far from the tree 

You can see the joy and passion these cars have had on my life 


Owning Cadillacs was not new to my dad who had  two 52  CDV’s  ( when I was 7 years old ) and a 55 convert ( no A/C ) only used on special family occasions and after high school by me 

It was the early 60’s converts with A/c that were special to us but he did have several  CDV ‘ in his collection as well 


Wow, that's quite a family history involving some pretty enviable automobiles. It's nice to know that your son has inherited the family car gene. Who knows how many generations yet to come will drive a succession of Grandpa's cars! You clearly "Enjoy"! Cheers,,,



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Safe & Healthy travels. 

Jeff Kinzler

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