During this Covid 19 lockdown isolation thingy, some friggin Muppet suggested polishing the Fleetwood.

OH, i don't mean, just "polish" the Fleetwood, I mean POLISH THE FLEETWOOD. (I'm not 100% sure, but it could've been me)

I'm now, 3 days into making the ol Fleety shine and i'm about half way.

I've taken to the grill with a toothbrush, even the trunk and hood badges got the toothbrush treatment.

Hoping to finished by Friday, if my bleeding finger tips and knackered shoulders hold up to complete the rest of it.

I've been listening to talk back radio during it too, so now I find myself shouting at the radio.

The sooner the men in the white coats arrive in the little rubber truck the better I think. I'm off to the funny farm soon.

They're coming to take me away, Ha-ha
They're coming to take me away, Ho-ho
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see those
Nice young men in their clean white coats and
They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
You thought it was a joke
And so you laughed, you laughed,
When I had said that polishing the Cadillac,
Would make me flip my lid.
You know you laughed
I heard you laugh
You laughed, you laughed
And laughed and then you left but
Now you know I'm utterly mad
They're coming to take me awaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.

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You see the difference between you and me is I don't suffer, my insanity.. I embrace it... actually celebrate it!  Speaking of insanity..where's Tony today... Here's one Tony might like:


Obviously a sign the — nipple rings —are not present in this situation causing the issue 


Yeah, that and other things that might drag along the ground. Ouch!

The white coats should at least have something—— good to say about the shine on your Fleetwood—- when they show before you are dragged away kicking and screaming 

They may even let you BE —with the car that shinny and distracting there thoughts and  conversation that then takes place —“ OH you own a 1964 Classic Antique Cadillac Fleetwood ( a classy guy here )  like I always wanted to do   “ and that clearly explains the problem 

Take two advils and settle down - we understand how this can happen —-LOL !!! 

Stay Safe 


I resemble ( resent )  that remark —LOL ! 


Need them Nipple Shields! Funny thing, is I just pulled 2 more excellent ones yesterday. I've got several sets and should try posting them on eBay as nipple shields and see if I get any bids. I could add that these would be great to break the sheltering in place monotony! 

Thanks for the warning! I saw Tony's thread about Carnuba wax and checked what I had available I found that I had some Mother's Carnuba Cleaning Wax in the trunk of my car. Now I'm not so sure I'm going to try it out...

I hope you recover soon. :)


Its your call regarding the wax but if you have not waxed the car for a while ( 3 years ? ) and you have it - have at it 

Let me know your thoughts on the wax yea or nay or what ever your own experience might be with it 

Just get that beautiful paint some wax on it already 


Tony, in the 9 years since my cars paint job, I have never waxed it. I would just keep it clean and every now and then give it a wipe with some Mequire's quick detailer. I know, my bad. 4 years ago I won 1st place at a pretty big show and one of the prizes was a $500 detailing package at an up and coming high end body shop. So, when my car club nominated my car as one of three for the next winter's World of Wheels I used the detailing win. WoW happens in the dead of winter here so I trucked my car to the detailer then from there to the show. The shine that's on it now is what's left of that effort. Here's a pic from tear down night. 

Oh, and I will wax her soon, I promise.


The shine on the car in the photo you posted is  just stunning 

You need sunglasses to not be blinded by the glow of that paint — amazing 

There are car guys and car guys —and then there is  you !

Amazing attention to detail in every aspect of what you do 

I may have to move in next door to you    ( I have told Jason that a few times in the past )

So Hey - I could have two homes—— you know  ! 
I don’t think you need any car wax suggestions from me from the looks of it 

Love your passion for your machine and the exchange of info you have added to our community 

Enjoy and Stay Safe my friend 

Dam - I do Love your car — Dan 


Pictures or it didn't happen. And we don't want any pictures of you and your sweaty underwear. Put on Astrid instead. Much better looking. ;-)



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