Since we are like family here, thought I would share the following that I also posted on FB. Just back from my 1st Physical Therapy session at Raleigh Orthopaedic after quadricep to knee surgery on Nov 26 and everything is looking great. I can bend my knee about 60 degrees which is considerably more than expected at this point. I've been doing my post op exercises and stretches by the book since 1st post opt visit with Dr, and now have a few more exercises to add to my regime. In a month or two you can put me BACK IN THE GAME .... 'cause .... I'M ON THE MEND, BABY!! !

Next up... get my Cadillac Groove On!

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Hey Boofhead,

Don't stick ya ugly melon on screen, you'll scare the little ones..... AAAAND, if you're on the mend as you say, where's the bloody newsletter... we got a bit of a teaser and that's it.

Listen here you, unless ya want ya other leg in a brace too, get off ya Cadillac loving butt and get that newsletter done. Hmmm, thinking.. thinking... you'll need to sit to do a newsletter, won't ya.

Have you even thought about a trivia test again..... NOOOOOO

If you have time to be on facebook,you have time for a newsletter and trivia test.

Ya taken Dino for drive.....nup, didn't think so. Have you fixed Dino's dicky ticker lifter thingy... NOOOOO.

C'mon man, ya letting the whole team down.

Filling a giant coffee cup with Jack Daniels is an old trick, and I should know.

Oh, i bet you've done no more work under the house either.... have you? NOOOOOOO.

Don't just sit there tearing out what little hair you have left, get that newsletter done.

Oh, and tidy up ya office, as a Cadillacophile,you should be ashamed of ya self, look at the place, I've seen clandestine meth labs that look tidier than that.

C'mon man, this is for your own good, if ya don't start to ace your act up, we'll all come around to your house and bitch slap ya silly.

OH, and good to see you're doing well from down under.

Newsletters are like a fine wine... or a smoothie in my case... ya gotta savor the flavor. Main spotlighted feature article is done. Doing an update on a Stats & Facts article from 6 years ago.. thanks to a recent submission here on the 63/64 site.  Should be out just in time for Santa!  
As far as getting well.. gotta give it time.  What I didn't mention in my post here or on FB, is the nice young Physical Therapist Kristine who spent a lot more time rubbing my leg than I would have imagined! LOL I'll have many more vigorous leg rubs with Miss Kristine in the coming weeks so let's not rush this!!! Right, already! As far as my unkempt office, what can I say!  Somethings never change!
On a more serious note, I am legally not supposed to drive with the brace, but between us I have been driving non-stop the last 2 weeks. I confided in Kristine today that I unlock my brace to 20%, so I can bend my leg and reach the pedal and she just smiles and said "I wont tell if you want!" Now, that's my kinda physical therapist!

You crack it for stiffy during a leg rub and Cheryl will have you a new therapist faster than you can ever imagine.

Glad to hear you're making a swift recovery. No more front flips off of the parts cars for a little while. You'll be back in action soon enough. 

Very glad your physical theropy is going according to expected plan or better
The good physical shape you keep your self in ( loooong morning walks and bench pressing 63-64 rear axel assemblies ) is a blessing in times like this and allows a faster recovery than expected often
Proceed on this side of caution And i know you will pull thru this just fine

Looks like --Kevin will have you hopping around and doing cart wheels with --ONE LEG --LOL !!!

Time goes FAST when your having FUN !!!--SO keep it FUN and you will be back before you know it


The 150+ cubic yards of dirt I drug out from under the house in the last 18 months also kept me a on the fit side! …. That and bench pressing those rear axles and one handed cylinder head curls! LOL Definitely starting to get back into things. Washed both 2002 Escalade and wife's 2012 SRX yesterday after a  1/2 foot snow here, and about to jump out... or hobble out (again, picture Chester on Gunsmoke) and wax the Misses Caddy. 

Hi Jason,

Happy to hear you’re feeling better.

You’re looking cool rockin’ that high-tech Robocop leg armor.


I can tell you. From back experience,  PT works,   do what they say and you will be fine.  



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