Hello everyone! It's time for a new battery for the old girl and I was wondering if anyone has tried an optima brand battery. Their website does not list a battery that would be compatible. Just wondering if anyone here has tried one regardless.


Thanks in advance!

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I had an Optima in my 63 for about 10 years. I have no complaint about that battery. They are twice the price of typical batteries. At the time when I bought it, it was about $125. These days they are about $250(or more). I have heard from some people that they are not as good anymore. Based on that & the price, I went with a standard battery (Duracell) that I dressed up like a retro battery.

Love the job on the battery.

I just put some flat black vinyl over mine to hid it a bit. Often, a battery can ruin a nice engine bay. 

Thanks. The red Optima stuck out like a sore thumb. I saw somewhere that there are retro kits for Optimas. In the case of this Duracell I just removed all the labels, 3d printed the battery caps & 2d printed the Delco label. It turned out nice.

Thanks for the response kurt! Just out of curiosity did you have the yellow or red top?


Thanks again!

Best i have done with the 64 was 5 years on a Sears Die Hard
On a limited use car in the Florida heat always thought that was not bad
Average battery life is about 3 years in Fl and they enclose the batteries here in a bit of a rapper to protect it from heat
10 years is twice as good as i have done so that speaks for itself regarding the brands quality
Does seem foolish to be paying more than --twice as much ( now ) for the battery even if it does work for twice as long
Buying two over a few years spreads the battery expense over time a bit - and new is new at the 5 year interval
Just another option



The battery in the Fleetwood is an Oct, 2013 unit. Still works a treat too. At 950 CCA, it bloody should be good too.

Its the one that was in the car when we bought it over. With a new starter, new heavy duty leads and new ends, that big ol 429 does sure spin over nice.  

  • For what it’s worth I’ve had good results with the Duralast battery sold by Autozone. 5 years- and now on the third one  

It’s larger than stock size and wedged beyween the grill and bulkhead, but holds a charge through the cold season with a terminal disconnect switch. 

Now that the wiring is refurbished I plan to keep it on a trickle float charger. 



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