First off thanks to all for this great site. I've already learned quite a bit on my 64 sdv for my own repairs. I've got a problem with my engine overheating. It started suddenly and it has a new water pump installed with about 75 miles on it. My question is has anyone ever lost an impeller off of a new water pump? I've already ordered another one as I've eliminated everything I can think of. Just wondering if this is possible and happened to anyone else. Thanks for help guys, Clovis

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Tony the waters in the rad and it's been fired up! Drum roll please.... and SUCCESS!!!! No more overheating and the temperature gauge is running 1/4 to 1/3. It was running over half before. I can actually see water moving in the rad now. So I'm thinking that pressing the impeller further on the pump helped. The end result must have been a vapor lock. Stranger things have happened. I'm hoping that if this happens to any one else they read this post. The final thing I would suggest to anyone that reads this forum is that they make sure they burp the system as best as they can to rid all air from it.

Now I'm not out of the woods yet though. I still have a rather large ticking when it warms up and a slight vibration while driving. But I'm going to start another blog for those.
I tried for two days to post that. Had some emojis in the post took them out but don't know why it wouldn't go through?
I was told today that there is a special tool that you put on the rad filler neck that uses air to pressurize the system with water and pushes out the air. Some vehicles are very prone to this problem.

Congrats. I can hardly wait to get my pump back and take apart a running motor. :( 

Once I cure the sedan, I'll have to do the same to the Hearse.

Real glad this difficult time consuming task is behind us --YES. !!
This was one of the more difficult repairs ,we have had in a while
Alway a nice thing to get Fixed



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