I know quite a few of you guys are parting out cars... Anyone have a good passenger floor section they'd be willing to cut out? Normally I would just buy a pan, but due to a previous owner doing a hacked patch job, mine is rotted out more then the replacement pan will cover. I considered fabbing up a whole floor section myself, but if someone is willing to cut a chunk of of a car for a reasonable price it sounds like a better option to me. Mine is already cut out, I can get pictures of what I need, pretty much from where the trans tunnel is starting up, all the way to inner rocker and all the way back to the seat area. If anyone is interested let me know. I can take care of shipping through my work.

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Until I retire, I leave it up to customers to come and cut items out that I cannot unbolt, unless it is a very small easy to get to item.  I watched 2 men come with an acetylene torch and zawsaw and work put more effort into it than I have to exert in order to get an entire front clip off, and it took them 3 hrs and god knows how many blades and other materials they went thru. It was a very good lesson for me as it reminded me why for now I don't get into cutting out big pieces of the car body carcass. 

. If I understand you correct you have cut out too much that the standard pans offered by the two main companies listed below on our parts supplier page cannot help you out:

Classic Fabrications - www.classicfabrication.com
 sheet metal, body panels, trunk, floor board, etc
Surfside Beach, SC 29575, 843-650-0385 

  • Classic 2 Current Fabrication - www.C2Cfabrication.com
    sheet metal, body panels, trunk, floor board, etc
    24536 Capitol St, Redford, MI 48239m 313-534-2886 

Unfortunatly... Yes. One of previous owners zip screwed thin galvanized metal over the rotted floor and duct taped it from the inside. This led to moisture getting trapped and rotted everything out Even worse. The drive side wasn't nearly as bad and I have patched the bad spots.
Jason let me know if you have a section you would let go for a decent price. I might be interested in driving down there. Gps says 3 hours

I will probably have the 64 CDV ready to go by end of the month.  Once I have it completely stripped you would be welcome to come down and cut out what you need at a very reasonable price.   I have removed the front clip and will hit the interior by next weekend and should have some idea of the floor board. You have a 75 series but would assume the front section under driver and passenger would be the same or similar to the 62 & 63 series body styles. Russ may be able to confirm as I believe he has cut out pieces from these cars.

That Sounds Great... as far as replacement panels I cannot find any difference between the 75 series and other cars with same year. I will do my research keep me posted on the progress before you send it off. I will try to get some money saved up maybe grab some other stuff at the same time

I do know that the Commercial Chassis is different. Not sure about the series 75.  The one I did was a rust bucket also.

From what I have read the 75 series formal limo like I have, shared a lot of similarities with the commercial chassis but was built in the factory. that being said the driver side floor pan has been replaced, with what looks like a regular stamped floor pan so maybe they are the same.

Original Parts Group is selling these brand new now, Just bought one for my 64 for 100 bucks

Unfortunately the limo is different... I have find a lot more info since then. I'm almost finished making new sections out of some 16 ga.



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