PLAN "B" the USA trip....... Make that Plan "C" yeah, we're still coming.

As most of you know, when we decided to shift house last year, we threw the trip to the USA in the bin.

It was only going to be 3 weeks, but with the new plans we had in mind, we could do the new trip for maybe 6 to 8 weeks. Yabba Dabba Do, until the wife goes and gets a job, which she really likes.

So, Plan "B" just can't happen with her working and taking that much time off.

Enter, Plan "C" This trip will be for approx. 4 and a half weeks. Astrid will have her 4 weeks annual leave and will take an extra week at no pay.

So, over the coming months, we'll be able to fathom whether it will be really late in 2019 or really early 2020. Look, who knows, we might even be able to spend Christmas in America. It was hard to pull the pin on the trip last year, we were so sorted it wasn't funny, but 3 weeks would've shot by fast.

Now I've got to start bribing Ian to pick us up at LAX when we arrive in L.A. Travelling around the world for 12 hours, lots of jet lag and jump in a rental and drive on the other side of the road, yep, gunna bribe Ian to do our dirty work and get us out of LA in one piece..

WE need to catch up with Jason, we'll be going up to see Clovis and if time permits, we're happy to catch up with anyone who's up for it.

Watch this space......

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I'm about 15 minutes from LAX and this isn't exactly short notice so I'll set some time aside.

Ian, there will be a plan D, E & F before LAX.

So if I understand this correctly Kevin? You quit your business and went into a semi-retirement, selling some junk cars on the side, and sent out your beautiful wife to work for you? Kevin, that doesn't look good at all.

Driving your wife to her new "job" in the Cadillac so she can earn you money...   Not good Kevin, not good at all.   

LoL :-)

Yeah mate, you got it first go. :-)  A mate  of mine here reckons the caddy is a pimpmobile. She does work for mob called LJ Hookers LOL

(I have back up plans all the way to Plan M at this point)

Its a lot of money to spend to do the trip, especially if the dollar is still down. But, I don't wanna be lying on my death bed, coughing up blood while pooping my pants thinking, "never did get to go the USA" 

Had to stick it to you. I knew it was a bit over-kill but seldom gets such a clear shot. So just wanted to use it as much as I could stretch it.

I think your plan, whatever letter it will hold, is perfect. You really need to go to the States. I been to over 40 plus some in Canada. Mount Rushmore was impressive. Grand Canyon as well. Driving through a redwood with my Ford van. But I loved the mountains in Colorado the most.

Suggest you ask a member if you can order parts to their house and bring them with you home. Buying a few Fuel Injection and sell when home in Australia might reduce your cost a lot. 

HUH, i would've been disappointed if you didn't take the shot. :-)

So much to see in such a short time, but over the coming months, we should be able to piece together an itinerary that even a mental patient would be pleased with. 

Does anyone on here, live near Santa Clause in Indiana or maybe, has someone on here ever visited the place or has information about it? 

If your going to Santa Claus, about 2 1/2 hours west is Metropolis,Illinois which is a cool town to check out .

Or check out Pontiac ,Illinois . A big Route 66 town. Museums,restaurants etc.

Thanks for that  Ray.


The month you decide to - Come to America ( Movie ) -- could be a major factor in the enjoyment of your trip
I am refering to the weather conditions depending on the month and part of the USA you are coming to
The northern states can be cold and rough in the winter months ( snow storms and very cold at times )
The south is best to visit in the winter months
Less rain ( hurricanes tornados ) and heat in those months
Know you are still in the planning stage but the better weather will help to enjoy the experience much more than not

Nice Bucket list item -- Mate


Thanks Tony, it depends a bit on the handbrake.

The time she can get off, will be based around her work and when its out of control vs not so much.

We'll be consulting weather maps for past history to help determine our path. If I can, i'd love to buy something over there to cruise around in and then send home to Oz when we're done.

We will be needing assistance there if we do, as we need an address to work off for rego and insurance.

I've got to change some habits too. If I walk to someone I don't know, i tend to call them digger. That's going to be real easy get confused with an Aussie accent and someone not hearing it correctly.

The other thing, is in Oz, if I get pulled over by the cops, i always get out of the car. My understanding, is in the USA, stay in the car and keep your hands in plain view.

All fun and games until I get shot.... LOL PMSL.



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