Is there an interest in a polyurethane bushing that could replace the stock rear bushings without the need to change trailing arms? Just wondering.

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 I put the new training arms in my 63 series 62 sedan.  I want to leave my 63 60 special close to stock as possible. Putting the new poly bushing into the stock trailing arms is good to me. 

I do feel that the new trailing arms are better than the stock arms, due to the new arms are a box design, giving the arm a better feel.

Ok.  I just didnt know if yours had worn.  I see now its a different car.  Thanks

Kim, I was thinking about you the other day. How are the trailing arms holding out?

Dan,  mine are fine,  i hv some front end steering loosesnss, about 5 inches of play in SW, replaced tie rods but didnt seem to help.   but back end handles just fine. No sway back there, consider me a fan

Will do Russ. My urethane supplier was low on black so I am going to have about a 50/50 split on red and black for the bushings. Do you mind red and I'll try and send the black to the folks who have showroom correct cars? Unless you 60 special is in the showroom correct category of course,

Dan, I can wait, I'd like black as I want an original as possible car. This will at least look original. 

Dan ( the Man ! ) 

That is very outstanding news for those —-who have a need to use the stock rear control arms  ( at last ) and replace the old bushings with  new  more durable poly bushings  when needed so we can get some longevity out of them and keep the rear end of our cars —in the position that it should be in — and to have that area less prone to any distortion or  vibration ( which can make a car guy —Nuts ! ) 

The ——I gotta keep my car stock at all costs boys —-will love you for this ( though your after market arms were a solid  solution and  the only good solution to fixing the problem available until now that I would have used for that reason ) 

Not sure how you single handedly are getting  poly bushings made and this done but that is amazing news 

I was very involved in the initial research ( contacting  suppliers ) finding out that all the bushings were one in the same no matter which supplier you used to acquire them from —etc 

The old thread is on this sight in the library and took some time to evolve 

Only to come to a dead end regarding fixing the stock arms -  a BUMMER !

Jason has a good supply of worn rear trailing arms that could now be restored to new ( and better ) 

Once again I find you talents to be above and beyond regarding what you are capable of accomplishing 

Real glad you are on board —and a true innovator with a very strong passion to keep our Cadillacs rolling down the road in fine form — BRAVO !!  my man for this 

Our Classic Antique Cadillacs can look forward to continually finding solutions to the problems that arise in acquiring parts and solutions to keeping 55 year old cars in good driving form with men like you around 

I am a HUDGE Fan !!!

A wonderful thing to be doing —with us all having to stay home and finding things to keep busy 

I might consider moving next door to you — LOL !!! ( which I have said to Jason  more than once in the past —just need two homes then ) 


No worries Tony, I just can't help myself. if there is a problem I want to find a solution. It keeps me busy and out of trouble!

Dan, can you give me a shipping quote to The Netherlands?

My rear bushes are fairly good, but I will take a pair to have on hand for the future. If ya sending to the Netherlands, ya may as well bung a set in the mail to go to Australia as well. Once you have them ready, i'll pm you an address and you can send me your bank details.

Sounds good Kevin. I'll post here when I have some in inventory. 

Hey Dan, while the Aussie dollar is shot to hell, i'm happy to be the last taxi to leave the rank if you get my drift.

Put the urgent requests ahead of mine, but when they are ready, the price will be, what the price will be. As of this moment, the Aussie dollar only buys 61 cents. :-(



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