Hello all, my 1964 62 series has pwindow problems. In 'emergency' not lock or normal I can put down drivers front and rear windows. In 'normal' on window switch nothing works. All wires going through door were either broken or frayed, used connectors on those including yellow/black wire and white/black wire. Same condition. Opened the light relay, tested it and it works, help all! What am I missing?

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Have you removed the --rubber wire covering -that is in the door jam when you open the drivers door ?
A good number of wires in there
They are all color coded so do join them all back together if broken
I found a need to add a piece of wire to each brake to allow me to join them correctly and give them some slack due to the motion there

If the wire coating is still on ba wire you can have a break under the covering so do examine each wire carefully
You can feel it by moving the wire around and bending it in your hand while feeling the wire and its covering

Most of the window power source comes thru the door jam wiring Into the power panel on the drivers inner door

Thanks so much for your reply. Yea I removed the boot and most of the wires were broken with the white w/black tracer just twisted together and taped! I Putin butt connectors I think I'll go over all of them again. At first the drivers door and rear drivers door would operate in 'emergency' now with the key on or off and window in normal those same windows will go up and down so it's back to the drawing board. UGH

Best to solder the wires together and use shrink tubing to cover the connection.  Butt connectors don't do well where there is a lot of flexing.  I would add some additional wire to the broken wires to give it a little more ease of movement. 

Glad i could point you to a solution to the problem you are having with the windows

For a temporary fix you can join that size wire with the wire nuts they use for home wiring and friction tape Over that

If you have good soldering skills that would be the way to go
Heat shrink over solder makes for a finished repair

Thanks I'm going to remove the butt connectors and use the water proof shrink connectors as well as add addition wire and cut out what feels broken.

Soldering wires makes them brittle. It is a learned skill that is not easily picked up quickly. Most will overheat the wires making them brittle where the solder ends.  I'm still learning, so don't worry about it.

It's best to cut out a large section of the bad wire, and crimp in the new wires. You want a good length of new wire in the door jamb. otherwise the wires will start to break at the crimps inside the door jamb.

Thanks Russ!  I cut and changed all the connections I had with the new shrink connectors but back to square one.  The drivers and rear drivers windows go down in "Emergency" only.  The passenger front and rear do nothing.  Sounds  like I have to trouble shoot the Passenger side wiring and then find out why none of the windows work with the "Normal" button or at each door.

I think the emergency switch is bad, but would have to wonder because passenger door window works on normal?  

Hi Keith.  I have the exact same issue.  ALL of my windows work BUT ONLY when the Emergency switch is pushed.  I have a couple of questions for those that have tackled these power windows.

Is there a relay somewhere?

If ALL windows work ONLY with the Emergency switch held....does that mean my normal window switches and motors all work?

If that's the case, what other device would be in between that the switch and motor that is failing, while the SAME SWITCH is activating the windows with the Emergency switch held?

Thanks, John

John, Jason Edge has a video that details on how to find and test that hidden relay... gotta find it then I’ll send it to you...Justin Salgado April 30, 2018 is it take a look

Hi Keith.   I found the relay, checked it, its bad, went to O'reilly's and found a 40 amp relay.  Wired the existing plug to the new relay, and now ALL windows work perfectly.

This site is great and day one has already helped me solve an issue.

Thanks....next issue.  Passenger electric vent window won't open.  I will search the site and see what I can find.

Thanks ALL



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