How would we replace the convertible quarter window, OUTER RUBBER (felts) strips, on our 64 Deville convert.

  Can it be done without removing the power window itself to access the fastening screws?



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You need to remove the windows to get to the screws that hold the stainless belt moldings to the body.

An outfit in Pennsylvania I think called Restoration Specialties used to supply a kit including original type staples to attach the rubber to the molding.

Good luck.

Will look up in the shop manual how to remove the window OR the entire power mechanism to get to those screws?

I already have the rubber and staples, may just do it when I have the side upholstery panels off anyhow.


Was hoping for an easier way do replace the rubber strips!



What, no pictures to share?

Will take some tomorrow, Turned out to be easier to remove/remount the convertible quarter windows than I thought . Still need to replace the leading edge weatherstrip when the arrive. Should have the side panels and rear seats back in by Friday.

Quarter window seals installed as we finish up the new interior on our 64 Deville convertible.Also replaced the front pillar door jamb switches with new two post switches. Can see the ground connection on pass side, drivers side is similiar.

Here are some photos with rear seat not installed.


Looking good Tom 


Love the color of your interior
You do not see many Cadillac interiors in that color leather
My 62 convertible had that color leather interior with an all black exterior

Like the additional sound proofing i see you installed
Nice job on the rear window sweeps


Just realizing your interior and exterior are the same or a similar color
When a convertible Cadillac has the same color in and out when the top is down the color flows from the front of the car to the back of the car --in one unbroken line

That to me is ----the Sharpest look a convertible Cadillac could possibly have

My 64 convertible is all Beacon Blue from front to back with the top down which i am very sure is a big part of why the car causes the ruckus where ever i take it
The all leather interior in the convertibles - perferated tucked and pleated fine leather is as high end an interior as you will find in any auto anywhere ( very custom )
That kind of quality is the icing on the cake for me to complete the perfect luxury feel and ride

SHE GOT THE LOOK !! ---- who knows where the money went ? !!!!!!

All the the brain jaming restoration will be worth it once you are out and about in your CLASSIC ANTIQUE CADILLAC ( who is that guy ? --LOL !!)


Hi THe interior is called Palamino Leather, from Automotive Interiors , Belchertown MA.

 Body color is a creamy Yellow painted years ago when the car was converted to be a clone of the 63 Caddy in Scarface. Maintained the black dash and black front door trim and black carpeting.

They had disabled much of the wiring as a result of the installation of the 63 interior door chrome/stainless..

 Have changed it back to its 6 way power split front sea operated from the door panel. Reinstalled the door and rear seat courtesy lights and behind front seat switch. Correct door and rear seat stainless/chrome pieces. Had to completely build the interior door and side bases since they were very damaged from water and some completely missing.

Been a long (costly) project already. First Cadillac convertible project for me and you guys have helped a lot with info.




Just to show what a DONOR SEAT from the midwest looks like before reupholstery!!

This is the same seat as in IMG 1024 jpg



Enjoyed the details of your restoration project
Looks like a big undertaking from your explination




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