What is your preferred cruising speed on highways with your classic Cadillac? What I mean is the speed that allows for relatively quiet and comfortable cruising without slowing down other traffic. The speed limit in my country is 130 km/h (80 mph) but many people are driving faster than that.

And related to the above, do you experience any excessive wind noise? My vent windows are still rather noisy despite new rubber seals.

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Hi Mark, I get a little bit of wind noise around the drivers door, but not too bad. 

I generally cruise around the 65 to 70 mph. Our roads down under, have limits of 100 kph and 110 kph. I haven't copped a fine yet, so allowing for a bit of speedo error, all seems good. Even with a limit of 130 kph, i'd still be choosing the same speed I do now.

If someone doesn't like my speed, they can go around me or kiss my big fat bum. :-) LOL 

Hi Kevin,

That's about the same speed I'm usually cruising at. The wind noise however is pretty bad. At 70 mph it's more like a roar than a whistle. Do you have any idea what can cause this? I don't see anything strange and alignment of doors etc. seems to be OK. 

The inner fender at the door should have a seal at the firewall. That may or may not help with wind noise.  New door seals, roof line seals and the vent window seal should stop any roar, but I assume the ride will never be like todays standards.

I'm pretty sure the fender to firewall seals are missing on my car. I will order a pair and install them. Let's hope this will take care of (most of) the noise. 

In addition to making sure you have good rubber seals, you need to make sure the fitment of the windows against the weather strip at top, and divider seals between windows is good. If the window is not adjusted correctly and has a slight lean out you may get addition wind noise in the cabin regardless of condition of seals. This would be especially true for any car that has had body work or that has had the doors or windows removed and reinstalled or adjusted. Adjustments are in the shop manual. 

All true for my car. Body work done and doors and windows removed and reinstalled. 

Will have that checked, too.

@Jason: what is your preferred speed on highways?

Dino cruises nice at about 70 mph, but plenty of get up and go if I punch it. I think with the 3.21 gear 80 mph seems a bit more rpm than I prefer although it glides along fine. I think if I were more into interstate cruise, the 2.94 gear would make the 75 to 80 mph speeds a bit more reasonable.

In central Florida USA the speed limits ( signs ) are 55- 60 so i will do 60-65 to push the limits a bit
The police seem to allow for a 5 MPH adjustment without a problem
Those are the speed on most roads here unless you are coming into a town area then slower
My 64 convertible just really loves running at those speeds and these cars perform so well being a true highway cruisen machine
The car is just wonderful-- in this environment
The weather is real great most of the time with newish silky smooth roads to enjoy the very smooth ride these cars are about

Having ridden a Triump flat track racing motor bike for 28 years in the Long Island New York area i have to say riding a motorbike at these very high speeds does not appeal to me although they are all over the place here
This is Harley country
These speeds can be more dangerous and deadly than the 30-50 MPH speeds in the NY area
Some of the accidents here can be real bad due to the higher speeds
Many roads are very dark at night ( no street lights )
We constantly have medium size Deer wild Boars and Coyote running accross the roads

So very glad i brought my car to Florida with me for my retirement years and had the car completely gone over by a local shop for the big stuff to have the car ready to perform at a moments notice ( turn the key and go -top down )
Using the car on a limited basis ( super great weather ) has made the car stay fresh and in perfect running order making its enjoyment very affordable and SO MUCH FUN for me and my wife

Working on these cars is just what is required so you can then enjoy the Real Fun these cars offer when you have them out and about
That being the real Joyful experience of there ownership
Just a heads up ---for those getting there pride and joy --road worthy as we speak ( post )
You have a lot of Fun to be looking foward to in the future ( will be worth all the frustration of doing repairs dealing with the mechanics and the expense that is a part of the Antique car owners journey )
Owning my 64 Classic Antique Cadillac has made my life so much better for it
I am so greatful i was able recognize early on that these cars were very special cars and made mine a keeper for life for reason

The guy that --Dies with the best TOYS ( he loves ) ----Wins !!!


OH ----I forgot --that is driving with ---ONE FINGER --of coarse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, no... on an  open interstate more like lightly touching the steering column with my knee.  One fingered driving on round-a-bouts and pitted city streets.. and on bias ply tires! Oh, Yeah!!!!

I've been known to drive with one finger now and again. :-)

But not with the steering wheel.

I installed new roof rail seals on my 64 four window, and still had a little wind noise on the front driver door. If you take a dollar bill and put it on top of the window, and do it in different locations along the top of the glass, when you shut the door you should not be able to pull it out. If you can then you can easily shim down the seal. There are many different types of tapes to do this. Just dont glue your seal in until you are not able to pull out the dollar bill. Once you have achieved that then you can lightly glue your roof seal in place. This method eliminated the wind noise I was experiencing.  It's been 3 years and no noise..



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