What is your preferred cruising speed on highways with your classic Cadillac? What I mean is the speed that allows for relatively quiet and comfortable cruising without slowing down other traffic. The speed limit in my country is 130 km/h (80 mph) but many people are driving faster than that.

And related to the above, do you experience any excessive wind noise? My vent windows are still rather noisy despite new rubber seals.

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Very nice tip and explanation 

I can see that getting the window  noise thing solved 

Looks like you are taking very good care of your pride and joy 


I’m about to do this procedure.
1. How did you remove the old rubber seal?
2. What tape did you use for shimming?
Jeff Kinzler

Hi Jeff   It was some time ago I did this I will try to explain the best I can. First and most important is to cover the seats thresholds carpets dash etc ( lots of plastic.) Cant stress that enough because taking the original gasket out is very messy. I used a 3m general purpose cleaner with a plastic pointed tip. Get one end started then lightly squirt some cleaner in and work it down using a flat headed screw driver or narrow putty knife, you will probably find a tool that works best for you. Just work it along pulling down a little at a time. Once you have it out Clean the left on glue off the channel. Then you can install the new gasket without any adhesive. Once it is in properly( this takes effort ) start at the bottom of the vent window putting in the dollar bill work it up over the curve of the vent window shutting and closing the door, spacing the bill a few inches at a time heading towards the back of the car. once the bill is tight and you cant pull it out or is is very hard to, mark with a piece of tape on the roof.  Then pull back the gasket to that point and put in a layer of tape and reinstall the gasket. Repeat the process with the bill marking with a piece of tape on the roof again. So you end up basically stepping the tape shim towards the front of the car until the bill is tight in all locations .I used a 3m vhb tape it appears to be a sixteenth shy but any construction tape of that thickness should work. You also may have to use thinner tape you just have to play around with it. If it is to wide then just cut it to the proper width. This may seem like a lengthy process but it really isn't to bad. When I reinstalled my gasket I lightly applied adhesive. The gasket snaps in and holds itself in pretty good, It does take a fair amount of effort to install ( actually for me it took a lot of effort ) it just take your time.    I thought my wind noise came from the vent window, but I checked the roof rail gasket first and that is where the noise was coming from so I did not have to replace my vent gasket, a job I was not looking forward to. Also make sure your door fits good and your window goes all the way up before you do the gasket. If this works it will have been well worth the effort, as there is nothing more annoying than cruising down the road with the wind whistling in your car.   I hope this works but if the bill is tight all along the gasket and you still have noise then investigate elsewhere at least you have eliminated the roof rail gasket as the problem.  Good luck Ron


Thank you. It sounds like something I’d rather hire someone to do but would only come out right if I did it myself. ;)

Finding a lot of that lately. 

Tony   Thankyou for the compliment   Coming from someone as knowledgeable about these cars as you are that means a lot.  Take care Ron


I think i am noticing a problem with the -- MR Wobbly ( something about a shirt sleeve - as i recall --LOL !! )
The thing is you should wraping your- LARGE HAND - around it -- not just a finger
I do sence a problem in the area --of some kind --PMSL

Sorry --i just could not resist ! !

Cheers My Mate -- gotta Love the way you express yourself
I do get a BIG KICK out of you and your great posts



I was actually referring to giving someone the bird or flipping them off in the traffic with one finger.

However, as much as your idea has merit, i will still reframe from grabbing a handful while driving Tony. No sense getting pulled over by Officer Dibble and get busted for having a 3 bagger. LOL



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