Well, i think  i have the  oil pump cover gasket back on and not leaking,, at least i took it for a short ride, and no apparent hemorrhage,, will go give it a feel and see if any thing is on the bottom of the seams.

my newest notice of things, was after my ride, i can hear the radiator bubbling under the cap.  Car isn't over heating,, staying at the 1/4 mark.  i havent ever noticed it before.  In addition to that, it seems to be coming out of the overflow hose.  When i bought the car, i never did see an over flow tank, and dont remember seeing a picture with one on there, so is there one supposed to be on there?  i have checked the hoses, dont  see any leaking or anything.. 

anyway, thoughts on what causes the radiator to be bubbling,  

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I rented the unit,,, did a manual test,, pumped it to 13,,,, first time,, leaked out of three hoses.. and feel accordingly,

tightened up the hoses again, and pumped back to 13,, it held right there for about 10 to 15 minutes,, would that indicate i am ok on the HG leaks or do i need to do the engine on test as well.


well, i did the warm engine test as well.. pu the cap on, tightened it down.  turn on the engine. and waited,, it got up to temp  1/4 on the meter.  where it usually runs at.  

the pressure gauge got up to and stayed at about 7 to 8 psi.  and pretty much stayed there,, no jumping, ups or downs, just stayed there.  so i figured that was stable, as much as i know about it,,  anyway, i shut it down,, and it climbed to about 9 to 10 as it cooled down,  never got up to the 13 range.  sat at the turned off a pressure, for a while and then started to come on down slowly.

SO i am hoping that these two test leave out the possibility of HG leak,,, i may change oil one more time, to get what was left from the last change, to make sure that all the color dye is over.  

does it sound like this is where the car needs to be as far as cooling given the two test?  

Looks like all is good
Good you found the hose leaks


Sounds like you are ready to drive the car with confidence. Change the oil again, it could not hurt to do so. 

This just goes to show that correct troubleshooting goes along way in finding and fixing a problem.   For the rad overflow, you could just safety wire an old coke bottle to the bottom of the radiator core support, and run a hose to that.

I took the small bottle from The window washer that sits behind grill on driver side,  wired it to shroud,  works ok.  I did drop my coolant to exactly one inch below lip of rad opening.  Still get a little blow i. The bottle but not quite as much when it was higher

When you have an overflow bottle you can fill the rad to the top.

Ok.  this is long w pictures..Still some concerns about oil color.  I last changed oil 10 days ago.  Because i noted a green tint after shop visit and his diclosure of dye to find a leak.  Then. I broyght up subject here about radiator overflow.  Which i think due to overfill, was going out of hose. So i installed water bottle, lowered fluid level to one knuckle from bottom of fill neck. (1 inch).  After sveral drives, i have about a tablespoon in overflow.

Well, i took off oil filter to. Access the neck after my oil pump gasker cover had a very small drip, so had to get bk to the neck after replacement to prime. So. I noted that deep green color in the filter. Got the pressre tester, tested manually to 13 lbs,  hoses gave, retightened, presure held at 13 for at least 10 minutes. It had slipped to like one half the width of the needle after about 15 min.  

Also did warm up test, results were held 7 to 8 lbs, no bounceing around, just steady for ten or so min.  Shut off car. Pressure rose to 9 or 10, then slowly backed off as engine cooled.  So, i thought everything ok. I have not lost ANY coolant, every morning i check, hits knuckle at same place.  So, still concerned about oil and AF mix, decided to drain oil again.  Sampled it immediately after scree came out and midway to see if settled content would be different.  Got the green stuff consistently.  

So i lgot curious,  what does oil an AF do when you mix.  Poured a half and half,  gave it a good stir and shake.  It mixed lots of bubbles and DEFINITE separation before the shake and stir.  But after about 10 minutes, it separated to two distinct fluid colors,  looking nothing like the stuff i had come out of pan.  The mixture from the pan,  after two hours is showing NO sign of separation. But jist dark green

None of my stuff looks lije the milky stuff from head gasket leak picutures,  i am not over heating, at all,  i hv never gone over a needle width past 1/4 on tge gauge.  I am not leaking AF or showing any sign of it going down.  I read the manual, checked head bolts,  seem very tight.  Based on all of above, w pictures, descriptions,   should i be concerned w the greenish oil and AF.  I just dnt want an HG leak and dmg the engine.

Pic 1. Oil

Pic 2 oil from car

Pic3 oil and AF after settling from shake and stir and oil from car after couple hours sitting.  No signs of settle

The seperation seems to be water and coolant on the bottom and oil on the top
Oil floats on water
Not sure the cause

If you are going to use abreviations please write it out the first time you use it in a post so it can be understood thru the rest of the post --thanks
Not sure what AG and HG mean here so hard for me to understand the post

Did you change the oil filter with the last oil change or you left a quart of the dyed oil in the engine that may be what you are looking at


Coolant is the bottom, yes.

Yes, changed oil filter.  

Hg  = head gasket

Af.  = Antifreeze.   It would seem the oil from the car would begin at some point to separate, but it doesnt.  Maybe because it has been subjected to heat,  i dnt know.  Just concerned with the color change and if its AF

I think you are using Amsoil -- so these oil changes do not come cheep --for sure

Where exactly did the glass with the fliud seperation come out of ?


Because i knew i was going to change fluud in a week or so, i went with the standard  high mileage synthtic until i knew problem solved.

One container is a drinking glass, other a candle holder.  Both were clean before putting fluid i. Them.  Oil was cold at extraction from engine

Where did you remove the oil from the engine in each glass ?




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