can anyone tell me what is the common type and quantity of radiator coolant for my 1963 with a 390ci 

I have a standard copper radiator 

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I've used regular Prestone anti-freeze & coolant all my life in all cars including my 64 CDV.

Prestone and Zerex were two brands around forever back in the day
They are a one year replacement coolant
I went with a Walmart brand good for 5 years ( a blue bottle ) --Super Tech
Should reduce my maintenance schedual some


Flush the cooling system with clean water
When complete you will have two gallons of clean water in the engine block
You want to add- two gallons of coolant ( Non deluted coolant ) to what you have in the engine for the 50/50 mix you want to arrive at
That will protect you in the colder climates
Use a coolant tester ( with the balls that float ) to check the temp you are protected to from freezing
The coolant brakes down over time so do the proper coolant changes on time to keep all protected from freezing and internal rusting and scaling
The coolant does not disapate heat as well once it wears out from age


You want the engine to be running during the flush and installing the new coolant
Run the car for a while and top off the rad
You want to add a water pump lube and coolant sealer with the new coolant per the manual

Its not so easy just to recommend a product. Prestone used to be the choice. But Prestone has changed the formula and added acid to make it long-life. So what matters is that you buy a coolant that is acid-free ethylene glycol. Check MSDS.

There is some more information in Recommended Coolant

If you really would like some extra knowledge/opinion check:

Prestone and other long life coolants ruin RR Engines

 You can spend weeks researching coolants, and find any angle you like on the subject but I cannot find anything that substantiates that Prestone and others have suddenly started dumping any significant amount of acid in their coolants, in fact I find the opposite, in that most modern coolants have inhibitors that work to prevent the coolants from breaking down in to acid. Anders, I checked your link to the article about the Rolls Royce engine and see it is 7 years old and the technical article it points to is 10+ years old. Again, you can find someone arguing this or that about any particular subject of interest.  

The thing you have to remember is that all coolants start to break down and become acidic in time, European countries often have different coolant specs and formulas due to hardness of water and some tap water will have minerals, etc. that could in extreme cases become harmful so distilled water is generally recommended, especially where you have hard tap water.  

With that said, I think the main thing is to change out your coolant every 2 years per the Shop Manual and Owners manual to prevent acidity and breakdown of the inhibitors, and if you are in the United States I believe any of these Ethylene Glycol based antifreezes references in the O'Reilly Chart would be fine:
O'Reilly Antifreeze Reference Chart 

If you are in Europe I would look for comparative charts for what your auto retail stores provide.



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