Ok.  Out today,  rear brakes got very hot, again.  1st time in aweek.  Almost like they are resetting back.  Anyway decided to fix the axle leak .  

Well, took off hub, and undid bolts behind brake assembly,  didnt even need axle puller,  a good hard yank, it cam out.  First thing i noticed ,there was a torn gasket looking piece that seems to sit behind the brakes shoe assembly and goes between the brake shoe assembly and the hub that the assebly attaches to.  It was damged.

I got the axle part out,  bearing seemed smooth turning.  O ring was intact but scuffed.  

Pictures attached of parts w notes.

So.  According to u tube, this type assembly requires the bearing and seal be cut off w grinder.   

Is that correct, or do i need to rent a specific tool for this.

Secondly, i dnt remeber seeing that gasket that fits behind the brake shoe assembly,  only one i see in book is the paper one.   Is there another one and what would it be called? 

Any help here forward would be appreciated imensely  

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Mack, the restored rear looks great!  Please share the part numbers.  It'll help us all.  BTW,  I assume those are disc brake brackets on the flange.  What set up are you running?

Ok guys so here's the list of parts to rebuild the rear end.

1- flange Fel-pro 13365 (I used 2 on each side; one on axle housing and one on the cover)

2- yoke gasket (easy to find on eBay)

3- yoke oil seal (SKF 18922)

4- rear wheel bearings (SKF RW-509FR)

5- gear oil 80W-90 (5 pints !!)

It's fairly easy job! Cost of parts around $250 plus the cost of having the bearings pressed on at the machineshop!

Good luck and enjoy :)


ps- I switched to ABS Power Brakes, works Just fine.

will get into my other 63CDV once the spring comes! :)

Where did you find the copper crush washers for the yoke studs?

Ive replaced those copper washers with regular steel ones! image.jpeg

I've replaced everything on it, including the bushings in control arms, bushings on the cool spring, cleaned and painted.

Mack, what is the part # to the large O ring that goes around the bearing?

you got a good deal on the bearings and seal.  i paid about 350 for the set, from usaparts..8.00 for the set of gaskets on both sides,, 

Mack, just wanted to say thanks for providing the detailed info on the parts.  Much appreciated!

Did you replace any of the rear end control arm bushings going back on the car
If so what brand and type bushings did you choose to use in that location ?



Real nice info to have on hand
Helpful for those whow need to get this job completed at some time


If those are the stock rear end control arms --which bushing did you choose to use in your restoration project
The details on the bushings would be nice to have with the other detail info


I found them on eBay. It's tricky to put them in so be creative to not bend the trailing arms :)

Thanks for the bushing info




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