Needed to replace my rear axle as the old made some weird noice even after replacing the wheel bearings. So in the fall I got another rear axle. Had it blasted and painted and been ready for install until the spring. Reason being the garage I am using is not large enough to do some work.

Now the spring is here so lifted the car. Removed the old axle but as I am working alone and on my drive way I had to found a solution to the problem of getting the "new" axle in to position without any damage. Also wanted a cheap solution! Total cost of the wheels and the wood was less than 15 USD. Bought a 8 feet 2x3" pcs of wood and 4 pcs of cheap plastic wheels, able to turn 360. Think it turned out perfectly. Might even paint it one day. Or not.

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That will definably work.

And I bet, it still handles better than a shopping trolley too. Good job.

It worked perfectly. The 360 wheels made it possible to adjust within millimeters. Even with the rough surface below. Less than 15 USD well spend I must say.

Your work area is like mine. I have 3 car accom, but the Fleetwood is just way to big to try working on it inside.

Today, all I want to do, is change a set of exhaust manifold gaskets on the right bank, well, just the rear port actually.

(it came a tad loose and was leaking, tightened it, but its burnt the gasket a tad.)

Have everything here ready to roll, but the weather radar isn't working in my favour, so it has to wait for another day...... pain in the backside too.  


A very nice bit of enginneering on your part
Simplifies moving that awakward heavy part -- big time


Hey Anders

Your rear end ----is looking pretty good the days ! --LOL !!

I had the same problem cuz I did it all alone with no help.

since you've attached the trailing arms then rear end is already 'aligned' therefore put a small jack underneath the yoke/center and jack it up until it will reach the saddle. Use a rug or towel so you won't scratch the paint :)

Great idea! Rigging tools like this can save you a lot of time and money. I remember taking a wide wood block and countersinking a large bolt thru the center to create a transmission lift plate that substituted for my floor jack cradle.



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