I'm doing a complete interior rebuild in my '64 from dash to top boot and am also up-grading the stereo system to modern day standards while maintaining an original look in the process. 

I'm struggling with the rear seat speaker replacement as I would like to use that same area behind the grill in the middle of the seat for some additional sound.

I'm curious what you guys out there have done.

All ideas welcome ...



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I ran modern speakers in my car and they fit fine in the stock locations. I have a pioneer speaker back there on my convertible. Did not have to do any cutting or drilling to make it fit. I just bought the same size speaker as the stock one. I have a modern radio with Bluetooth in the glovebox so you wouldn't know it's even there.

If I did it over again, I'd send my stock radio off to be upgraded. http://www.randbvintageautoradio.com/index.html

Interesting because the speaker in the rear seems to be a 6 inch and they don't make them anymore.

I will see if a 6.5 will line up as you say, maybe I'll get lucky.

Thanks for the reply.

I put new original type speakers into a 63 Convertible, and I got them from this place. http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm

Wow, that's an awesome site!!

Many thanks!

I double checked and I do have a 6.5" speaker in the back. It fits just fine. Would sound better with more speakers hidden somewhere, but it's ok.

Very cool Chris!

Thanks for taking the time to double check.

Just out of curiosity are there any depth issues? I much rather use a modern 6.5.

Thx again!

There's actually a lot of space back there. I believe you can gain access the panel behind the speaker. It's a cardboard type material covered in vinyl and it's a bit delicate if it's original, but It slips into the metal piece at the top. On my car I was able to slide it down to gain access, but it's so much easier to just carefully remove the back seat while the top is down and then you can easily test fit the speaker. 

Yea they have the seat completely out so now is the time. My issue is the car is in FL. and I'm in Indiana. The guy doing the interior is awesome at this stuff but he's an old school cat and doesn't play nice with texts and emails so it makes it a bit more challenging.

Thanks for the help.


Good to know the 6.5  pioneer will fit the rear  convert speaker housing 




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