Hi everyone,

Getting into redoing the trunk area on my 64 SDV replacing weatherstripping carpet etc.  The original rear speaker was not there. What was there was a round speaker laying on the trunk floor so i want to put it back like its supposed to be.  From the research I have done so far it looks like its supposed to be a 6x9 original part no. 7282501 which i believe has been replaced by 7301803?

The radio is an AM only and the car has AC.

I'm not hung up on it being original but just looking for any insight on the subject.


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George, your original speaker was a 10 ohm speaker. The newer speaker are 4 ohm I believe. Running a newer speaker will damage the amplifier transistor on your radio. You need to run a 10 ohm speaker.

Fortunately there are places out there where you can get a new speaker, and they are not that much money.

Here is one. http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm   Might as well replace both to get the best sound out of your radio.

Thanks Russ,  the ohms was my next questions so thats good to know, whew! almost bought some at pepboys and didnt even look at that.  I'll probably get one from the turnswitch site.  There's also some on ebay but I need to look and see how the plug is and how it gets grounded


Speakers used were as follows:
Front Dash Pad - 4" x 10", 10 ohm
Rear Coupe & Sedan - 6" x 9", 10 ohm
Rear Convertible - round 6", 10 ohm.

8 Ohm resistance speakers, which was the standard for many autos through the late 80's early 90's, is close enough to not harm the radio. I remember 15+ years ago Radio Shack clearance out all of their 8 ohm auto speakers, to make way for the 4 ohm speakers and I bought most of them out. I have been running the 8 ohm Radio Shack speaker (part# 40-1265) impedance: 8 ohms; power handling: 12 watts continuous, and 35 Watts peak;10 oz ceramic magnet dual cone design) in my 64 CDV for 15+ years with zero issue and they sound great. Not sure if I have any more but can double check.

The 2 wire or 1 wire doesn't matter. Sound is simply very low voltage AC type current that goes across a speaker voice coil attached to a cone that vibrates due to an electromagnetic field created by the fixed magnet.  This vibrating cone moves air back and forth creating sound waves at specific frequencies in the human hearing range (20 to 20K Hz). Simply take 1 lead to ground and attach the green wire to the other lead. Since you do not have stereo sound, you do not have to worry about phasing (one speaker hooked up backwards from the other causing bass cancellation in stereo 2-channel sound).  I also had some 10 ohm speakers pulled from either the 91 Brougham D'Elegance or 95 Fleetwood Brougham we owned that were in great condition, but were replaced with more high power speakers when I upgraded the sound system. I may still have those around.

Here is the 6 x 9", 8 ohm Radio Shack speaker I use:

The web site I listed gives a detailed instructions on how to tell if the speaker is hooked up correctly.  The front and rear speakers are different sizes, so don't buy 2 of the same size.  The rear speaker only has one wire to it, so the other lead is grounded to the mount stud.

The front one is actually working real good believe it or not.  Good to know the ground location because the one that was there was grounded using one of the screws on the cardboard side panels, which I knew was incorrect and had a long wire laying around in the trunk.......

Great info Thanks

Jason, somehow your response slipped by my email didnt even see your post til now.  Yeah let me know if you have one.

I checked and have 2 New 8 ohm Radio Shack Speaker still in the box, and a Very Good condition original AC Delco 10 ohm that came out of either a 91 Brougham or 95 Fleetwood. Price is $20 for any of these 3 speakers. I actually thought I was out of the Radio Shack Speakers! All are available for sale.
Here are pictures I just took:


Go to help page on this site.  Scroll down to S& M Electro-tech hit their link.  They have the right speakers.  Just noticed that Russ gave you the Turn switch site.  Same site I mentioned.

i have replaced the original rear speaker from my 64 coupe with a new 6x9 one.

does anybody know what size of the 4 nuts that hold the speaker are?

i somehow trashed them and need new ones, like real nuts not like the oem's.


Roland, the thread on the studs holding the rear speaker in place are thread size 10-24. They actually used 3/8" speed nuts, instead of regular nuts but you can use 10-24 nuts with a washer.  I've got plenty of those original speed  nuts and would give you 4 if you pay for shipping but these are very common size that you may already have or can pick up a the local hardware store.

Roland, here is a picture of the speed nuts:

thanks Jason, i will use regular 10-24 nuts.



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