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Where do I send my 2 cents?

this is how a trunk can look Joe, LOL well you wanted me to post it.

That is gorgeous!

I like the concealed barrier wall as I sometimes stash stuff over to the left of the spare tire when at car shows. This option completely covers the storage area. I assume it pops right off to gain access to spare, etc.

Jason, two screws hold it in place since the back holds four kicker amps. My subs also are mounted in the package tray and have boxes mounted around them. This hides and cleaned it up. You could add a clip system if needed for easy removal. I still need to get a hold down for my spare and a matching cover.

I would even go one step further and tuft it with buttons covered in the same material.

Now that sounds like a cool idea Joe. Find out how much some seat materials would cost from SMS and instead of carpet use that and have it made to look like a seat. Very cool idea!!!!!

You could take yours apart and make a template out of it with measurements and post it on here for people that want to make one for themselves. ( of course I'm only thinking about myself LOL)

Joe, This thread has had me confused from the start. I keep thinking there are some details somewhere that I missed. How about some details:
1st - What happened to and what was the condition of your last trunk lid? Wasn't the car recently painted? Were there existing issues? 

2nd - The trunk lid that you had recently purchased and posted a picture of looked pretty decent, but it is hard to tell condition from a 10' away at medium resolution. What is the condition of this trunk lid? If it needs all the additional work why not repair the one you had?

3rd - What is this about scraping and brushing, etc.? Why not let the body style prep the trunk lid? If any issues at all you will want them to sand down to the metal, address problem areas, and smooth out the exterior, and prep for final paint.  As an example, I recently had my guy start going over my 2002 Escalade section by section as he had done my 64 Coupe de Ville. The 1st stage was the hood and the top. I had some minor dings in the hood, and of course you want the hood to be super straight with super shine, so he took the hood down to the metal, addressed and dings, smoothed and block sanded and painted with additional coats of color and clear as opposed to the top which they basically sanded, smoothed out a couple of hail dings, and painted and clear coated as  normal.  The hood and entire top (which is BIG) was done for $1200. I never touched anything and wouldn't expect to have to scrape and brush anything... so I am confused on what you are doing?
How about some details on why the trunk lid switch over, etc. If there has been another post with details I have missed it.

You missed another post on his lid Jason. This one is on his trunk lip. I think he is trying to save a couple bucks and has started a go fund me campaign. I've already donated.

I saw This Post  where he was asking where to have a trunk lid he had just received acid dipped. I was confused then and confused now. I thought he had just had his car painted and the one in the picture looked pretty decent but hard to tell from a picture like that. I have sold them that looked much worse with some surface rust, that were refurbished and still going strong 10 + years ago with no issues.  If there is a 3rd post with the details of recently painted trunk lid, it's condition, and the detailed story forward, I have missed it. I just saw questions asking about acid dipping a trunk lid that looked pretty decent, to replace a trunk lid on a recently painted car... which I assumed would not have been painted if there were some really major issues. Again...scratching my head on this one. Joe, fill in the blanks.. or someone post a link to that 3rd post with the details.

Your Escalade was looking really good last time I saw it. Why'd you paint it, other than the dings? I figure a good Paintless Dent Repairman could have taken care of those for you. 



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