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Chris, Brutus has a thousand touchups and dulled down in the last 16 years and had actually worn down past the black into the grey primer on one spot on the hood. I also have rust through under the rear doors on the rockers... the one weak spot I have found. Black is the coolest color cleaned up but shows every tiny nick. LOL  Hood and top were done in June and I will put it in to have both front fenders done probably mid September. Not sure what phase 3 will be.. maybe the 4 doors and the rocker panel with the rot. That is where I am going to get in to more than a few hundred dollars!

I never even noticed, but I bet it's looking good now! Why do Cadillacs always rust at the rear rockers though?? Anyways, I hope your shop is able to get them back in shape. 

  Oh, Phillip Lee at Lee's Collision will get it right. I'm just working toward that section. It made sense to do the hood and top 1st. Next up are the LH and RH front fenders. Sort of a small project before we go for some bigger stuff. It is funny now looking at the black on my 16 year old fender and looking at the new super black super gloss on the hood. Never new there would be such a big contrast!

Hello Jason sorry for the confusion. #1 Car was painted 4 years ago. Bought my house with a garage 3 years ago, so the car sat out side for a year after it was painted. My painter told me before he painted my car here in Florida you are just biding time as far as rust in concerned. I had rust on both sides of the trunk lock, spots the size 4" X 7" he repaired them with new metal but the rust came back. #2 The one I bought has surface rust on the top, bottom & in the void where the lock attaches. It's not bad, I just was thinking having it dipped would fix this but I have came to understand it would make it worse. So I'm letting the body shop work on it. 


That trunk lid in the attachments looks super nice. If a trunk lid or other panel has been near the ocean with the salt in the air, they can rust from the inside as well as the outside. Unless this trunk lid has sat next to the ocean for 50 years, this looks like one most body shops could prep very quickly.  

Ok guys - this is Jason Edge -- you know -BEST PAINT in THE CAR SHOW Award --for his 64 CDV
That should put this thread in perspective i would think

This is not just another anal retentive pretty face you know ---LOL!!!!!

Just gotta love this guy the more you get to know him


joe D

I really do not care for -your last painter ( body shops ) answer about rust in Florida
More mechanics nonsence to me
Sounds to me he is covering his butt --for less than quality work which is just that if the rust returned In a short time after the repair
I wish we could all use the quality body shop that Jason has working on his pride and joy
You know Nasscar is out of North Carolina so a lot of very high quality car stuff going on in that state

Like all else very high quality workmanship is not an easy thing to find

It might just pay to leave the car at Jasons shop in NC for a while to know it will be done right

NC is not that far from Florida
It may depend how the --go fund me thing - or the winning Lotto thing goes


No signs of blood stains-- from prior body disposal making for a very tidy good looking trunk space
The addition of your partician looks real nice to clean up the overall look


Thanks Tony. Yes the stains wash right out of this new material 

That's really handy to know. :-)

Actually these very big trunks are luxury accomidations for --a dead body
You know you could be stuffed into a Camery trunk instead and have your knees on your chin LOL !!!!

As Kevin would say -- stuff me sideways !!!!!! ( in a Camery ?? )




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