I love the Help section. Its my go to place, always when i have a problem. However I do think its large. Sometimes takes a long time to find the correct post. If its there.

Not sure what could be done but a small idea that has been around my mind for sometime is that certain post could easily be collected into sub sections. Like 3xBattery or 5xHorn. On the other hand the full page with all topics is also impressive and often I find myself clicking on a topic and reading just for fun.

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Always open to suggestions but do not understand what the subsection 3xBattery or 5xHorn would contain, or how it would be arranged? Can you give examples?  I will say one thing I like about having it all on one page is I can use the find (Ctrl F) to immediately bump down to help topics including those words. For example if I were looking for battery related topics, I just go Ctrl F + Battery, or Ctrl F + VIN, or Ctrl F + key word

As I said I'm not sure if its worth it or how it should be done.

3xBattery and 5xHorn are just examples of multiple topics that could be arranged into sub-sections. But my guess is its not worth it or should not be done. Only did throw the question out in the air. Most likely you or somebody else has a much better idea. Or keep it as it is. I do like the display as it is now with separate for each letter.

Didn't know about using Ctrl F. I have been scrolling everytime. Thanks.

CTRL F is what I use on PC's using Windows. It Ctrl C (copy), Ctrl X (cut), Ctrl V (paste) have been around since at least the 1990's. Different platforms will have different search tools.  Even without the search shortcut it only takes 4 scroll downs for me to reach the bottom on my PC. On my iPhone X it also only takes 4 finger scrolls up to reach the bottom. I would actually say we have plenty of room to grow the current format but if enough members want to split out into different pages we could consider. I just like the face all of the main help topics are on one page, and if you want to use a search you can go right to it.. but just a few scrolls to reach the bottom.  I have lots of documents on my phone and pc (e.g. the 2018 CLC International directory) that is hundreds of pages long and that almost mandates using the search function.

For those using a PC and not familiar with the short cut keys here is one of many links that will give you a refresher: https://www.best2know.info/basic-pc-shortcut-keys-2/



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Trunk Pull-down

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Help! I need a 64 Eldorado front left fender.

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I have found a very good replacement part for the Upper A Arm Bumpers.  The top part is identical to the originals the bottom can be used as is or after a few minutes with a belt sander can be ground to the V shape as the originals were.  The replacement bumpers are for a 2001 to 2005 S10 Sanoma or Blazer.  Part number is on the box in the photos.  First photo is the box next to the box is the S10 part and an original.  Next photo shows my sanded down part next to an original.…


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Has anyone any experience or advice on replacing the roof motor on a 1964 Cadillac Deville .



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