I noticed my speedometer needle was very wobly a while ago. I could go from 30 to 60 and back in a split second. Makes a ferrari look slow:). My guess was a old cable that was causing it. 

I'm not planning to install the cruise control yet so i bought a longer cable for a caddy without cruisecontrol.

Does anyone know the right route to lay the cable? The old one goes from trans to cruise and than into the firewall. I thought the new one would just go from trans into the firewall but that creates a weird angle. 

And also... How do i get the speedometer out? 


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Cable goes from trans over across LH frame rail up and through the fire wall to the speedo head unit.  Might want to lube the cable you are installing with some graphite or other lube. I know if you try to route them too much in a bind they will make the speedo jump.  The speedometer head unit is part of the instrument cluster assembly. I have both VG speedo head units for $75 or the complete instrument cluster assembly for $150. In fact I am about to post one for sale that I just posted.  You can check it out as it will have pictures front and back.

Click here to see a complete dash instrument cluster.

Below is a pictured of just he speedo head unit:

Once the speedo is out you can adjust the mileage to anything you like with these speedo units
Not really illegal as it is the same as changing out your broken Speedo for a newer one which might have a low mileage
I called DMV on this and they said it would not be a problem under those conditions
No one really cares-- about the mileage on cars this old ( DMV ) --EXCEPT the next guy that buys the car from you who is hoping the mileage is correct
So always -- Buyer Beware !


That rebuilding info is priceless to many here
Great info to add to this thread

Your own good experience is especially nice in this case


What a coincidence Jason but i'm hoping i wont need a new one. Very helpfull pictures. Now i can see where the screws go holding it in place. I was very affraid to break something. I'm going to try not to bend it to much and ofcourse lube the cable.

The plan was indeed to get the mileage to be al zero's. After all it is getting a "new" engine in september. Glad to here it can be made possible Tony. Going at it tomorrow

Thanks guys. 

Do you know about the-- speedometer app -- on a smart phone that tracks your driving speed by satellite ?
Will help you maintain your correct speed until you fix the speedo cable so you do not get to meet your local police officers and judge


I do know about that app. Never used it actually. I just tried to keep the same speed as the rest of the traffic. Running on maybe 4 sort of healthy cylinders i wasnt going that fast anyway... :-).



I got the new cable installed and tested the speedometer by attaching a electric dril to it. No wobly needle anymore. 

For those who are curious about getting the upper dash removed i made some pictures of my caddy. I went with the shop manual. Totally forgot i had it.. Pretty stupid. Not alot of pictures in that book mostly letters. So i wil try to explain what i did trough pictures. 

First took out these two

These are the left and right window moldings. Attached with 6 screws in total. Than i undid 5 other screws, 3 are above the instrument cluster and two in the glove box looks like this on the dash:

3 above cluster. 

2 in glove box.

After undoing these screws i pryd loose the lower vertical ends of the dash.

Lower vertical end.

After i did that i was able to lift the dash up and undo the 4 connectors. These connectors are for 2 interior lights(left and right) and the other 2 are for the climate control sensor and the sentinel photocel. After undoing those connectors i was able to lift the das further up and pul it backwards to get it out. 

I did not have to take the entire cluster out to get to the speedometer cable. 

Hope you guys can do something with this information. 

Hi Jeroen. Great info. The pictures are helpful. We do already have one entry on our Help Page for dash pad removal. You can see it by clicking on Help in header above and clicking on - Dash Pad Removal

Since it goes into a bit more detail, it might be helpful to add your pictures to that article. If that sounds good I will copy the pics over.

Sounds good to me Jason! 


Added to the bottom of our Dash pad removal help page. Thanks for the additional info! Jason.



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