Not sure if everyone saw this, but Elon Musk's Starman cruising in his Tesla just passed by a very fine looking 1964 Space Coupe floating in space.
It is just CRAZY what you see in space these days!

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I thought I saw something really strange in the sky last night! Cadillacs are so cool they do not even need drivers to get into outer space!

Lookout... just saw a 64 parts car coming in behind Starman!

I think the folks on the international space station could restore that one as a project.  Can you sent parts that far to assist them?

Now that is customer service!

Shipping would be a Bitch!

The sky is wast, but the orbits are not. Actually there is too much junk in the sky and its a constant threat to satellites. Now there is more... 

Smart? Not!

First, It is not going into low earth orbit, it is going into an eccentric orbit that will carry it out past the Mars' orbit almost to the asteroid belt.
Second, Elon said they could just as easily heave a concrete block up into space, but this would be more exciting.
Third, there will be data gained from this orbit as it will provide a lot of feed back of radiations on the many materials that make up the vehicle and spaceman. Read what the scientists are saying regarding radiation bombardment, etc., and they really don't have a clue on the affects, just guessing at what will happen with a few orbits out to the asteroid belt and back around the sun. We always send things up super protected and again don't have a clue to the actual effect.
Fourth, the bright red car is much more reflective than a dark grey rock floating through space and astronomers have already stated they can more easily see the car and track especially give the size.
Fifth, It is just cool as hell and gets people excited about going to space again and space exploration. Between the 99.999999% news coverage of talking heads discussing politics and World Doom I have actually seen news coverage of space exploration this past week!  For me, it was not only smart it was genius and have to give it up to Elon Musks "Just Do It" attitude.  We have the technology to get beyond a low earth orbit, or to bee line it to the Moon or a planet, and here is Starman Cruising to the asteroid belt, in his Tesla jamming to David Bowie! Love It, Love It, Love It, Love It!  ...and love it some more!
For me, this ranks up there with the Moon Landing, Viking Mars Landing, The Voyager trek by the outer planets, Cassini–Huygens  mission with Huygens landing on Titan, and the New Horizons Pluto flyby.   

oh.. and another one:
Sixth.. The flat-earther's have something else to ponder and keep them confused for another 50 years!


I am sure that ---Dino ---is such a Super Fine CDV example -- that it is --Out Of this World !! --and here is proof positive
The Fins -- do give it the --Rocket like looks --required to be ---In Orbit !!!
These cars are all -out of this world --in my book
Why am i sure many of there owners are --Space Cowboys --With Rocket fins --to prove it
Cadillac Crazy --for Sure !!




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