while out for a cruise and to a car show, i was heading home, car started sputtering,, would go, then no feel ing of gas, would go a while, then sputter .  i started thinking of quickest way home with out to many stops,  got about 6 blocks and it died.   

it sounded or felt like a car does when you run out of gas, but, that is not possible as I just put gas in it about 2 hours earlier, so i have half a tank, but that is the feeling,,   sputtering, then go, then sputter some more, then go,, then died,

walked home, going back in the truck see if i can get it started with some fuel in carb and sputter it home,

it is not running hot, no other particular symptom.  

would his be most likely fuel pump or blocked fuel filter,, ??

anyway, thought on the above while i go and try to get er home.. I'm just glad i did nt suffer embarrassment of it croaking at the car show as i drove through, but then again,, some one there may have known what it was,, oh well,, 

old cars i guess

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No on cap. Yes on wires

Working on rest

After the timing change, checking plugs, wires for good fit.

Took for 2 - 30 mile rides, 15 mikes out at 55.  No problens, hesitation,  ride back in at 65, again, no prblems.  Now thqt doesnt convince me its fixed, but i do see improvement, car has zip and very responsive when i give it a,good push on accelerator at any cruisin speed. Not quite like 73 eldo 500, but not bad.  

The 30 to 50 dollar parts are cutting n2 my skirt chasing and womanizing,  so i hv to address these additional items in a bit more equal parity. But getting there piece by piece, 2 n 3 hours at a time, along w  hours  of 8nstructional you tube video. 

Thanks for the ck list

Think about checking the dist cap termiinals inside the cap to see if it being loose cause a problem with the internal cap terminals

Will check.  

We have coverd a number of the items you have suggested in a couple of threads here
as this has been a long drawn out process for Kim
His Sputter issue looks to be a fuel delivery problem and i think we are down to a carb rebuild And rubber fuel line replacement

I do think we have covered the ignition side of the problem at this point with new ignition wires and now finding the loose dist cap
The coil could be in question regarding the ignition still

So that about where we are with this issuev


Tony, please see my last reply to Jeff,  it has update on test rides yesterday after timing change.  Additional note, that brake grease may have stopped the brake sticking as i had no issues of smelling shoes, or shaking on two 30 mile runs over 55.  

Only use the dist caps with the brass terminals
The white metal terminals will leave you stranded ( as in the treads title suggests )


What does --dist cap - no mean ??

If this means you have do not have a NEW dist cap in the car go to the store right now and get a NEW one with brass terminals
Worn dist caps can be a perfect cause of misfiring or sputtering as it will throw off the ignition timing

I did not suggest the cap being standard maintenance because i though you had done that already when installing the pertronics ignition which is the way it should have been done
Do replace the cap and rotor ASAP
Real good chance this is the problem

Jeff i think you suggested something i took for granted he should have done already
--all good


Hope you are on the way to the auto store for a new dist cap and rotor as that is suspect --big time at this point
If not i hope you are riding around with the car running good for you

Update needed !


Kim—Kim— Kim

Need an update 

What’s Up ??


wish i had better news!!   changed out the cap and rotor,  reset timing to 5,  in town riding seemed fine, got a little gas, headed out for a 20 mile ride to the lake, and i didnt get one mile  down the road before it really started t sputter and kick  i punched it, and it would sputter and carry on then as well,   so,

i guess back to drawing board,, 

it's odd, really, two days ago,  not one sputter on 30 to 40 miles of driving, and then today, it shows up again,, 

completely random

Kim, just book it in with a mechanic who has the gear to diagnose the problem.

This, throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks scenario is just wasting time, money and i'm sure, patience.

Find a mechanic with old car/classic car experience, diagnose it correctly, fit the parts and the jobs done correctly and you can start driving it with confidence.


Thanks Kevin,  i have an appt this week with a long time mechanic,  he was going to go on an extended ride, get a feel for how it drives in general, and if the condition happens to show its face while there, he can have a basis,, definitely a strain on the patience, What is worse, i just took it out for about a 40 mile ride, not one sputter,, earlier today, didnt think i would get home, the randomness is very frustrating, one minute you think, fixed!! next minute, worry bout getting home..

thanks for the suggestion,,



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