I know we have some Aussies on here and I have to say, Australia, is in a whole world of hurt at the moment, so do ya best to stay safe.

Currently, in the southern states, 4 huge fire fronts, look like they will form into ONE MASSIVE FIRE.

We aren't a small country, I think a lot of our USA brothers and sisters would be surprised, just how much land we have here.... its a beautiful country, except the bastard is on fire. I'm not talking a couple of spot fires, we are talking fires that make the Californian wild fires look like an out of control BBQ.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that, but i'm sure by now, most of you on here know my sense (or lack of) humour (Oz spelling)

We're Aussies, we're a tough breed, we'll deal with it and most will come out the other end.

We have had approx. 20 or more lives lost, massive numbers of homes burnt to the ground and our wild life is being decimated. Yes, i'm having a bit of a sook writing this now..... humans can do a runner, our poor ol Koala's are being trapped in the trees.

We have so many different types of wildlife here..... yeah, some of it wants to kill you, but most of it is just plain cute and unique to Australia.

So much of our wild life just can't out run or hide from the heat and flames.

I know you guys are seeing it on the news, but i'll throw a couple of clips up.

This one will show you the size of the great land down under compared to the USA.


Our koalas are grey, this guy is just plain burnt. Breaks my heart to see it. So many in this condition.



This last clip, does have some VERY BAD language..... be warned. But worth watching.


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Very sad news for you guys. We are reading that many of the fires have been started by arson.  I’m seeing several reports saying they have arrested 183 this year for arson. That is crazy!

Its crazy alright, but true.

I think these dickheads light the fire, then rush home and pull their pud while watching it on TV. Ages range from quite young and upwards to grown adults that should have more brains. 

We do have more than our share of idiots here.

With no sign of rain to break the drought, its going to be a very looong summer here. :-(


I need to apologize for even joking with you about the fires and smoke - out of line under the circumstances 

I hear on the news  our firefighter have come from America  to help get the fires under control 

The idea that people are starting these fires  for there SICK enjoyment is totally out of control 

Keep it safe Mate can’t help but to be thinking about you in this situation 

Life has a way of getting  Dam Testy and frightening at times 

When the going get tough - the tough get Going  ! ! ! !     Is something I live by and Ausies have no problem with being tough 

 Crockadial Dundee comes to mind - one Bad Ass for sure 

Love many of the Aussie entertainers that have made it big time in America in acting and singing 

Tony, Aussies would not be offended by anything you have said..

We fire fighters coming from all over to help, which is fantastic.

Apart from the death and destruction, we then get to deal with the economic outcome as well.

Hey, in 12 months, we'll be in flood. :-) LOL.

When its all settled here, the 63/64 forum members should do Aussie adventure holiday.

Thank you to the American Fire Fighters...... we need all the help we can get.

You've travelled halfway around the world to help us.


And we learn another Ozzie word: Firey. I hope these guys work through the language barrier : )

Seriously though, Kev, I hope you continue to stay safe & those damn fires get put out soon. 

Aussies are shockers for shortening up words. (We shorten everything) LOL

We'll just point to the fire, give 'em a hose and let 'em loose on it.

Believe it or not, my wife and I have a 1/3 of everything we own, being donated to the Rural Fire Service..... firey's ...... when we cark it.

Oh, except the Fleetwood, that's going to a mate of mine.

New Zealand.... (Kiwis) have been rotating firey's now for a while to help.

Different states here, are sending firey's when they can. My state (Queensland) is out of danger, so we have our guys rotating as well.

I think, to date, around 5 or more firey's have lost their life's in this shit fight. 

The footage of your guys arriving, had them looking a bit bewildered. Straight off a long flight and hundreds are cheering and clapping. I'm sure your blokes thought, shit, we haven't done anything yet.

Just Aussies, being fair dinkum  and grateful that our guys are getting more, really needed, help.


Manpower and money are on its way to Australia 

The destruction has been the topic of discussion on many TV shows for days here in the USA  with very much concern 

It was often the subject at the Golden Globe Award show which rates the movies and movie stars for their years performances ( Hollywood’s best of the best ) 

Many have pledged to be sending money and many are collecting donations for your cause 

Help SB  very noticeable in the very near future 

The world is watching in disbelief 


Parts of the east coast flooded in the last few days, some areas getting a 1 in 100 year rain event.

We do still have bushfires roaring in some areas of course.

Bushfire's, floods, I think, next week it will be a locust plague at this rate.

Feast or famine as they say....

This happened yesterday, 

You came to help us and lost your life. Your family's should be so proud of you and may you RIP.




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