Didnt happen. :-).      Was up to tge point of putting in antifreeze.   

And hv leak coming out of water pump seal, so, im going back in.  Any tips in meantime afa sealanants, gasket seals, etc would be helpful as i break it down again.  

I was gettn jazzed!   Mustard fell off the dog when i heard the fluid hittn the floor

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Post removed due to rethinking the info posted 

Best to pull it apart and redo 

- as you do not want coolant blowing around from the fan when trying to run the engine for the very first break in run of one half hour as that is to distracting to do with that going on 

Will just make the process more difficult to be doing at that time 

I will suggest using — Permatex  on the— two O rings as that will insure a leak free joint that will last just about forever as mine has 


It was around the bottom.  

Permatex is —very fast drying —-which makes it a pleasure to use unlike silicone that takes 6 hours   to dry  so you can get the job completed faster 

It will be dry by the time you reset the crossover 

Not to bad a job  to be removing the cross over pipe and reinstall it —-so do that and get the leak gone so the engine and you will not be covered in coolant from the fan with the engine running for the 1/2 hour run up 

You need to keep the engine running continually during that time 

OH — it Always Leaks From the Bottom 

From my experience in life mostly from my hobbies the thing that separates the men from the boys is that when something does not go right the men are sure to back up and fix the thing that wrong ( needs redoing ) before you  proceed  forward 

We are getting Close Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am hoping this note will inspire your mechanical adventure with your Cadillac which made me reflect  on  my earliest days just starting to work on a car 

When  I got my brand new 1963 Chevy 409 425 HP 4 speed—— I had never worked on a car before ( I was 21years old ) with no known mechanical ability ( yet ) 

The first time I installed new points in the car —-the car stopped dead on me 3 blocks from my house —as I forgot to tighten them down 

I was determined to learn all I could to make that car run as good as it was possible and go  drag racing 

Drag racing was in the air in the early 60’s with the muscle cars coming out of Detroit and  the music on the radio 

I was spending many nights at the local burger joints  where many of the hot shot car guys would be

hanging out and  be leave  ther to street race to be testing there cars parts and  adjustments 

These boys were very accomplished drag racing ( a number of class champion record holders ) and I learned so very much from them and little by little became one of the accomplished drag racers myself 

So I went from breaking down 3 blocks from my house —to breaking the local track record in Super Stock having done 90% of the work on the car myself 

Your desire to do and learn to repair your Cadillac —very much reminds me —-of my own quest to do and lean what I needed to do to accomplish my car goals 

For that reason I am getting a  —very big KICK —out of your determination to do the same 

In many ways you are reminding me —of me in those days and I am  FAN of yours for that reason 

There was —No Internet to consult  for any  information in those days ! ( if you could possibly imagine that !! ) 

Rock on - !  as you are developing more hands on knowledge about your  very own Cadillac than many may ever do —— Priceless !     ( if it wasn’t so  dame expensive — LOL ! ) 


Thanks Tony,  im.plugging at it still.



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