This is just terrible, but we have to sack Clovis..... we have no choice.

I've been chatting with the Mad Scientist for most of the morning via email. He's been busy, he's well, he's got plenty to do etc etc.

Then he dropped this bombshell about his 64 Caddy and I quote:

"I did fire it up for the first time in over a year. That fuel injection is the cats meow, one bump of the key with no throttle and it was up and running like it had been started just a few hours before."

This is just terrible, how can we have someone on the 63/64 site that doesn't start their Caddy in over a year.... Ban him I say, kick him in the nuts, chuck him out, kick him to kerb...... Over to you Jason, what are we gunna do with this man? :-) LOL :-) 

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Kevin, you need to get him out of the shed and down under.

Yep, all I can say is you sometimes have to un-busy yourself and slow down and reap the benefits of your hard work. Here I am laid up in a leg brace for 8 weeks and since it is on my right leg cannot legally drive... but did sneak out yesterday with the Escalade for a quick cruise with seat fully extended and laid back some and my butt up on a seat support with my right leg fully extended holding it sort of up with my left and hand mashing the gas with my "still working right foot". My head was right up on the ceiling of the Escalade and know people next to me thought Andre the Giant must be in that car! Ha Ha. I wish I could just stroll out to Dino, turn the key and do some cruising... lifter tick and all. Point being, you don't really appreciate something until it is no longer there.
So Clovis, turn that key, put in Reverse, hold the brake, Heat up the tires and do a "Mad Max backwards fishtail" out of your driveway, and sling the car around forward when you reach the street, Slam it in Low, and let that baby roar! Shoot down to the nearest cruise joint you can find with the local "aint gotta clue" generation standing around, and pop that hood, and stand next to the car with that James Dean look, and Elvis Presley sneer and wait for the oohs and ahs to commence! You will rule their world and be King Clovis for that moment. We all have to polish our rods and be King for Day once in a while!

We will be waiting back for full report.
Yours truly, JE!

Hey hey hey wait a minute. I didn't say I no longer love my Cadillac. This thing is my pride and joy. I'm just trying to preserve it for future generations to love. Meanwhile ......

I'm knee deep into MINI Clubman s's at the moment. Bought a couple of them and have spent the last few months becoming an expert mini mechanic. These n14 engines have their issues but are great fun and quick cars right out of the box. I'm waiting on a few parts for an 08 clubby to hopefully save from the scrap yard. Timing chain is toast and previous own was told 10,000 to rebuild. It only has 80,000 miles and has every option. 

Enough about new projects, the fitech fuel injection works great. Yes I'm sorry the car hadn't been started in over a year. Too many projects and not enough time. It did start with just a bump of the key like a new car would. 

Ban me? Come on Kev I've been in self imposed exile for quite a while now. I dont think these and super punitive measures will help with my delicate emotional state. I am suffering from Cadillac withdrawals and do surface here once in awhile to make sure Tony is holding down the fort with cheerleading guidance for all Cadillac owners. 

Winter is here early so between projects I will check in to make sure all is well. Regards Clovis

Or, you could drop down under for a holiday.

The door is always open for you Clovis. (Just a phone call from the airport is plenty of warning)


Very glad to see all is well by you !
We do miss you when you do not come around to say hello
Nice the caddy fired up like it did after sitting for that long a period of time
I know winter in Canada will slow you down regarding working on your toys
Very nice to have enough projects to keep yourself out of trouble --most of the time
Time to lay back and sit in front of the fireplace with some good spirits and wish it will get warm out soon
In the NY winters i would be sitting in the house usually building a radio control airframe with my nose on the window waiting for that 50 degree days so i could put on two pairs of long johns and go out to the aerodrome to fly my collection of radio control planes ( had 25 at some point )
I was flying model aircraft with the guys from Speery and Grumman on Long Isand who were building space shuttles and aircraft for a living during the week
I was trained by a great Englishman who was flying Radio Controlled Aircraft for 30 years before i met him
We had our interest in Triump motor cycles in common which was a strong bond which I road for 28 years
My Triump looked the same as Fonzi's at the beginning of Happy Days TV show only i built mine years before the show came on TV
One of my very good friends owned Nassau County Harley Davidson and fast motorcycles and cars were our common interest
We went to high school together and were both NY mafia family which was a very strong bond
The Bad Boys were my friends ( Billy Joel )



You could put the MINi in the trunk of the 64 as BACK UP transportation in a pinch LOL !!
I know they are known for there handeling abilities which puts it on the top of the fun car list
Great handeling in a car or motorcycle makes for some good time driving experiences
A hole different experience from our Cadillacs but much fun none the less

Enjoy restoring your fun toys

Tony this mini thing is a blast. I feel like a kid driving it. 


I had an '04 Cooper S as my everyday driver up until about a year and a half ago. I don't think a car could be more opposite of an old Caddy. Different but very fun. They are smaller but definitely more complicated than the old Caddies.  Among other things, I changed the clutch on mine which was no easy task. Afterward I found some YouTube videos from a user named Mod MINI which are very helpful. He shoots them with a point of view camera thats illustrates everything very well. I highly recommend checking them out.

Ian, I have a new respect for you now that I know you've replaced your own clutch on a mini. I not right in the head sometimes and when I start on something I research until I become a.... well, a mad scientist LOL. I have several hundred hours logged reading online and watching YouTube on mini n14 engines. I've bought another mini clubman as a parts car and it ended up having less miles and is fully optioned as compared to the one I posted. It needs a timing chain and a valve cover pcv mod so it's going in the garage to check for bent valves. My initial check shows no bent valves or piston contact using a bore scope. 

I hope the Cadillac gods don't frown apon me for talking about MINI cars here LOL. They are a BMW product so at least I'm still in the luxury car territory. 

Hey Clovis, ya big shit, fancy seeing you on the 63/64 site. LOL :-)

A few months back, i bought and flipped (made money, not rolled) a 67 Mini.

Bloody tidy little thing, it was a deluxe, but had an 1100 engine, cam, headwork, cooper s brakes, upgraded suspension.

It was built by the Poms, so, about as much luxury as Gilligan's Island. 

WE could be brothers. 

Love the look of the MINI in the photo
A very High performance look
You feel like a kid because --you are playing with toys here !

I am driving a car that i feel the same way about
My daily driver for 10 years next month
I love the car so much i do not want to replace it
Just a fun car to drive with all the technology that Toyota has put together with there racing venues
Same bullet proof performance durability and high mileage the Toyota Camery is known for as the drive train is the exact same ( front wheel drive )
It is a 2009 Scion XB ( only made until 2015 )
It is truly a go cart on steriods
They put a box on top of a race car for the convienience that offers
I needed a car that could transport my Radio Control airframes and bought the car during the clunker exchange years ago to get good gas mileage
Who knew --i was getting a car with so many very great driving and performance features
So very many high tech performance features the list goes on and on
I did read that Bill Gates now owns one
These car are really very inexpensive to own for what they offer the owner especially in the handling department with more than enough power where needed
Always enough power were you need it and it is amazingly powerful when passing from 60 to 80 MPH
Having owned a 1965 Porsche convertible 356 SC for 7 years ( half and egg ) i compare the driving experience often to the Scions handeling performance ( no i have not been drinking !)
There are not enough cars that are --Fun to own --and drive but my 64 Cadillac convertible and my 2009 Scion are two of those
Loving the things you have and own is the key ( wife and cars ! )
Remember you heard about Toyota Scions first here -- from me !!!

Enjoying the ride as much as the destination is the key


A few other things :
The car has a clutchless automatic transmission --that you can use as a stick shift when ever you desire ( a truly great feature )
Tach red line is 6500 RPMS with an 8 valve 4 cylinder overhead cam engine with varible valve timing
Front wheel drive cars have been the very best handling cars i have ever driven
The front of the car is around the corner already
Porsche has the same type trans in there newer models called --trip tonic
So i call it my --Sciontronic trans
Really just Love driving the car and i am a very performance minded individual when it comes to my rides
I did just get super lucky buying this car from the get go
Thank you GOD for the fun i am having with this machine





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