Now we live out in the sticks on our acreage, we have to find new places to see and do...

Going to attend this tomorrow, and its only 30 minutes up the road, should be a good way to pass some time.

RockStock 2018, QLD

Helidon area - follow the signs on the day

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

RockStock 2018 is being held on Sunday 7th October in the Helidon area from 10am till 3pm.

Come, enjoy, sing and dance along to the Rock and Roll hit songs of the '50s and '60s, including Elvis, Cliff Richard and Bill Haley, just to name a few of the classics that will be played live by frontline band 'Salt'.

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Sounds like a fun time. Be sure to share some pictures!  I'm deep into house addition planning and preliminary construction, which will fill my plate fuller than it already is for a while.  If you read the latest newsletter, you know Dino's has issues right now, and would like to get to it ASAP but it may still be some time. I have a pending car show I would like to go to in Nov if possible so hope to find some time in the next couple of weeks... but time is fleeting!!!!  If it doesn't happen in the next 2 to 3 weeks it could have to wait until next year.

With us having the shift etc, i'd missed seeing where Dino was needing some extra love.

At least its a relatively easy job to do Jason.

I'm not sure yet if we will make it to Rock-Stock after all now. WE got hit pretty good dose of storms yesterday and I can just imagine what the place will be like with a car show and stuff all happening, it'll end up a mud bath.

So, as a Plan B, we're thinking of just taking a nice run through Lowood, down to Fernvale (grab some hot bread from the Old Fernvale Bakery) and head up to the Wivenhoe Dam for a day out. We can comeback through Coominya and not make it too taxing of a day.


Jason, you having rebuilt your engine about 6 years ago, do you have any idea why you'd have bad lifters now? There can't be that many miles on the engine.

Oil with low zinc and phosphorus?

No clue.  It sounds like just one.

Take some pictures of your beauty for us to see, and oh yeah some of the car also. ( ; 

Haven't found the camera while unpacking yet, Clovis. (be careful what you wish for too)

We did run with Plan B in the end yesterday. We sat in the park in Fernvale and tucked into a Maggot Bag each for morning tea. The ol girl went for a Ned Kelly, I settled on a simple Pie and Pees.

The dam picnic areas are very nice, lots of BBQ's for torching a steak or snag. Will be good place to visit from time to time.

For part of the trip, we tagged on the back of 4 classic Chevies for a while. 

Not a huge day by means, but hey, any day out cruising with a 64 Cadillac is good day. 

Driving behind Chevy's? Come'on Kevin. A Cadillac should not be trailing behind. Be proud and be in front!

Jesus Kev why do I get the feeling your going to send me a picture of a beauty mark on your butt?

I was too..... but it turned out to be a fly, not a beauty mark.

Kevin, I'm not sure how many of our non-Oz friends would know what "out in the sticks" means! LOL!!

You're not the other side of the black stump, are you?

Mate, nah, most wouldn't have a clue.... LOL.

We're a lot closer to Brisbane now, we should try and catch up at some stage.



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