I do need to —-openly appogize —-to Jason Edge for being the problem —-I can sometimes be 

we worked out our issues and all I can say is we are extremely fortunate to have him as Web Master of this great sight 

he is a guy that the more you get to know him the more interesting he gets 


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No need to apologize. We are all just crazy-passionate about these great cars … so let's just enjoy the comradery and jump on in and enjoy the ride!!!

Hi Tony,

I like that you are here on this website and contributing with your knowledge.

Sometimes though its easy to get excited and start a "reply spam war", and that includes me very much. I try to write what I know (or think I know and gets corrected by you, Jason, Clovis, Kevin, Russ and all other great people on this site) and post my pictures in one discussion or reply. Replying to discussions all over is just confusing and its very hard to keep track of what the reply is for. I also have an issue with shortening down text. Not all of us knows all internet acronyms, especially us foreigners. For me LoL is about it. Okay I do know some others but I prefer writing out the full text so there won't be any misunderstanding. I do wish there would be a function to get graphical emoticons into the text and not the ;-) we have right now. But I guess that could easily be misused as well.

Finally, most of us are adults. And yes we have a way talking to friends over a beer. Same language written for an eternity in internet would not favor us as persons. Please don't get me wrong. I like what's written and laugh of lot.




I thank you for the detail knowledge you add to this site
Your computer skills are right up there above my abilities
Your very detail posts that are on the money from the shop manuals are very impressive to me
True we surly have some language issues interacting with the different countries and languages associated with them
I cannot tell you how amazing i think it is for anyone who owns one of these cars outside the USA as the additional expenses involved in doing that puts you guys in a different financial bracket due to the costs invoved in owning and operating these machines in those places
The fuel costs alone are in a different ball park than we experience in the USA
Keep at doing the fine job you do here

Enjoy ( or your doing something wrong !)



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power window relay wiring

Started by tom servas in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by tom servas 4 hours ago. 9 Replies

Having trouble getting to controlling power windows from driver and passengers seat controllers.  Can only operate windows from DRIVERS controls with lockout switch in EMERGENCY POSITION.  Just …Continue

Power windows in Help section

Started by Anders in Suggestion Box 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

Was searching through the Help section for any discussion on Power Windows. I can't seem to find any, so…Continue

HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY DINO...... BORN 19th of March 1964

Started by Kevin Campbell in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by Jason Edge 17 hours ago. 4 Replies

Now, I know most of you guys are still in yesterday, but because Australia is such a hip, swinging sort of place down under, we get your tomorrow today, so if I waited until tomorrow, it would bugger…Continue

valvetrain noise cadillac 1964 429 cui

Started by Robert Tor in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by Mark Geertsma 19 hours ago. 38 Replies

Hi everbody, I've just uploaded a video in YouTube. It would be nice, if "somebody" takes a look and an ear to the sound. Here's the text: ""coldstart" by 20 degrees celsius outside temperature.…Continue

Blog Posts

64 Recirc/Fresh Air Door Actuator replaced; FROM THE INSIDE.

Posted by Norman Silverman on February 4, 2019 at 11:21pm 8 Comments

I am happy to report that I have successfully replaced the Fresh Air/Recirc door actuator that is located on the blower box-and have done so without having to remove the blower box. I did it by taking out the glove box and attacking it from the back.  It took several days, LOTS of patience and some band-aids, but it is done. THE most difficult part -BY FAR- is to remove and then replace the screw that sits on the actuator arm, connecting it to the fresh…



Posted by Mike Petrey on January 13, 2019 at 12:25pm 7 Comments

Where do the flashers go in my 64 Deville Convert.  I'm thinking that's why both turn signals stopped working.

Source for Motor mounts and Trans mounts 1964 SDV

Posted by Norman Silverman on January 9, 2019 at 4:23pm 4 Comments


Where is the best place to purchase good quality motor mounts/trans mounts for my 1964 SDV? I see that Rock Auto has them for $8 and change, and others for $24 and change. Big difference. Is there a better place to buy them from?




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