I recently purchased a new reproduced harness connector for my window switch. I pulled to old connector apart and cleaned the contacts to the switch wires and window switches while I had it out. Before I replaced it, my passenger window would go down but not up from the master switch. After replacing it, my passenger window didn't work at all from the drivers side and the rear window would only go down and not back up from the master switch. It was late so I buttoned everything up to put away until today, but when I went to put the drivers window up, I got nothing.

At that moment, I realized none of the windows were working any longer at all. I checked my fuses and it looked like everything was alright. It appears the window switches share the same fuse as the horn and the horn was still working. What would cause all the windows to stop working at the same time? I have a few cracked wires in the rubber boot where the door shuts, but would one of those cause all the windows to stop working? Or could it be the relay? 

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Remove the rubber boot in the door jam
Look for broken wires
A wire can be broken and still have the wire coating over it - so feel around for that ( bending the wire some should show a beak under the covering )
Do cover any exposed wiring with electricl tape
An exposed wire can short out on to any metal And stop the windows from working
All the power for the windows comes thru the door jam wiring to the master control switches in the driver door



I do have a bunch of cracked wires in the rubber boot, but the windows worked before replacing this little connector part. Now after working for a few moments, nothing is working. It is a mess in the boot though. I should have taken a picture of it last night while I was poking around the car. 

When I was inspecting the mess of wires I think I found the culprit. I'll be back with some pictures shortly.

Ok, so the wiring in the door boot was very sketchily rigged up and I had been moving it around to see if I could make the passenger window work. It must have caused it to come lose. 

Also, does anybody have any of these clips that hold the switch tog...

Fusick automotive products inc. has them new.    Power window switch retaining clip. You will see the short piece on line, but not the longer one. The longer piece is PWSC605

I didn't see this reply yesterday, but thanks a ton Russ. I had no idea anybody was making these anymore. I'll pick these up and report back. The switch seems to work when held together by hand but isn't holding together well enough with these broken clips. 

I'm jealous, that is a good-looking original leather armrest

Until you have time to do some sodering and heat shrink you can use the egcorn nut they use for home wiring to hold the heavier wires together
Black electrical tape over that
I suggest you install a new piece of wire --to bridge the gap between the old broken wiring
The reason being it is a hard place to work and there will always be a lot of motion in that area so some slack in wiring helps

Glad you found the solution



Good stuff to know when needed




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