I got my transmission done at a shop and noticed that it's leaking worst than when I brought it in, I'm just confused on why it's still leaking could it be from not having a flex plate cover on it? Where could it be leaking from? I replaced the fluid on it and it's leaking fresh so it couldn't be the old fluid I uploaded some pictures.

P.s I towed it home from the shop due to no registrations and drove it up into my garage and parked it and hasn't moved ever since.

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What color is the fluid pink or brown ?

It's pink new fluid.
Could not see the color of the fluid in the photos
The cover being off has nothing to do with the leak happening
It is your front trans bearing and or seal that is leaking the new fluid

You need to watch the fluid level if you use it and evaluate how much you are loosing
A little fluid can look like a lot on the floor as it speads out
Check it at operating temp with the engine running

That trans bearing was the one that had apparently been replaced I'll run it and check the fluid level thank you I appreciate the info.
What did they do to it? If they rebuilt it it's awful dirty for a rebuilt transmission. Stick a big piece of cardboard under there to pinpoint the leak. Also what type of transmission do you have?
It was only suppose to be a replacement on the seals didn't look like he did the job correctly huah... I'll have to have a talk with him about this ill do that what you suggested and see exactly where the leak is coming from I know the belly of the engine/trans is quite dirty I'll have to clean some of it off before hand Thanks!

You should have the cover on the bell housing, as dirt can get up there to the front seal. 

What exactly did the shop do to your trans?   It looks like the transmission was not removed, due to all the grease and grime on the bell housing. Even the trans mount bolts are dirty.

I hope they didn't just chuck some Trans Stop Leak in it with fresh oil and charge for a seal job.

It is pretty dirty looking trans..

Yea the car didn't come with it on I'll have to order it online, and I do know he did take it apart i just don't know why he didn't clean it up a bit.. would of helped in the long run.
You should purchase the cover you need right here from Jason Edge as you will find it to be a great deal with good people if he has one

The trans was not removed from the car so a seal job could not have been done
Cleaning the exterior of the trans would be a basic if it was removed
Can't work with all that dirt present
Does look like a fluid change and sealer to me as well
The question is what did you pay for ?
I do think he would have cleaned the exterior of the trans if he was trying to rip you off for something he did not do

I would think you would need to drive the car at operating temp for the sealer to circulate and work if it is going to work at all
You did say you towed the car home
Driving the car some keeping an eye on the fluid could reduce the leak if the sealer works as it should
The sealer that i have used in the past did cause a bigger leak so i do not do use them anymore
My experience is with a power steering sealers

Has anyone ever used a Trans sealer that worked for them to reduce leaking ?


NO. Oil sealer trans stuff is a myth...however, I did put some Lucas Auto Trans gunk in the auto of my old work van.

Holy crap, went from dodgy to like a brand new transmission in a day. Still leaks, but goes good.



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