Hello guys,
Finally starting to sand down the old paint and prep for new. Has anyone just taped all the trim before painting? Or is it necessary to remove? Front and rear bumpers and grill will be removed.

My fear is damaging it or not being able to get it back on straight.

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Think about it. Are you really able to mask it to 100%? So there will not be any paint on trim or areas with missing paint? Even if you do your best it will be some areas where you see the mistake. Not your wife, friends or neighbors. But YOU. Will you take that risk? And regret forever?

Removing the trim is essential for a good paint job. It is time consuming. Just as the rest of the preparations. But it has to be done to get a good result. There are specialty tools available for removing certain trim. Maybe your paint-shop has some or can advise you on what is necessary for you to rent or buy.

I am planning on repainting my car within five years. It will be the same Aspen White as its painted with now and when leaving the factory (never been re-painted). I will remove all trim and might even remove the windows. Basically stripping the car including interior. I know it will take long time, but it will be a winter project.

Also think about the good things about removing the trim. You can polish it or re-chrome if necessary. It will look like new.

Take your time and do this step by step. The first step is to remove everything that will obstruct the paint-job.

Also found this site. Might help you a bit.

How To Paint A Car Like A Pro

Brian, Removing the trim may seem like a daunting task, but will provide a better overall paint job, save time in the long run, and actually help protect the trim, especially if you try to sand it down with the trim on the car.  From the  many parts and driver cars I have brought in, I can almost always tell when someone has tried to prep the car then tape and paint with the trim on the car. Usually the tell-tell sign is damage to the trim, and not so much the exposed old paint ... although that is always revealed when the trim is removed. The problem is if you try to sand a car down with the trim on the car, you will invariably slip and it the polished trim. I don't know how may times I have removed a piece of trim that would have been otherwise flawless commanding $50, $100 or more, but ends up being a $5 fair condition piece because the sander hit it. Also think of the time and effort trying to put up next to the trim as you are sanding and prepping. The additional time trying to leave the trim in pace will end up being far greater than just removing the trim!

With that said, there are instances when you might want to just mask off and paint. First if the surface is in great condition and just needs a quick once over with fine paper and you are only dealing with one section of the car.  For example if you damaged the door beneath the side trim on 62 and 63 series cars, it makes perfect sense to leave the trim on, address the bottom section, and repaint the bottom half of the door.

I have the advantage of dismantling 47 parts cars and knowing how the come apart... and go back together, but understand there would be trepidation in removing all that trim. The best advice I can give is to document the trim with the pictures, and save, bag and label all fasteners and attach them to the trim as it comes off the car. That way you know exactly what is used to attach the trim. There will be some fasteners such as the side trim clips that will be beyond use when removed, but keep a good stock of most of these and sell at a modest price. 
When I took my 64 CDV in to have it painted the 1st time in 2005 I removed ALL trim, except the front roof panel trim that requires removing the windshield. I have a vinyl top. so my interior top guy was able to wedge the new material under it. if you have  CDV with that trim, that would be the one exception and I would say tape it off!!!  Of course if you need a new windshield or rubber seal that would be a great time to also remove that trim.  

Any tips for removing? Or a special tool that anyone has used in the past? I plan on working on the car a bit this week

i dnt know much about it, but just from looking at mine that has a paint over, which is nice, but the trim on the back of the trunk, the trim down the side and some other parts, i can see some potential rust bubbling,   i am assuming maybe some was starting way back when it was repainted,  its minor and i got to thinking about how to "Stop" the rust,  and i dont see any way except to pull it,, sand it down on the top sides of the trim, and somehow either prime an touch it up or at the appropriate time, just do the whole thing.  I thought about a clear of some sort just to go over these places,, just to keep water from getting in to the rust ,, but i dont know if that is possible or if a clear exist to do that, but it was a thought..

Trim attachment methods are included in a chart in the Body Chapter, Exterior Molding sections of the shop manual. There are dozens of pieces of trim on these cars, so for a particular trim piece you might have trouble with post that piece and hopefully someone can chime in.  Some are just screws and speed nuts (e.g top of fender crown trim),some are straight screws (e.g. top of doors reveal trim), some are pressure release clips (e.g. front windshield and rear window reveal trim), and some have a combination of press in clips, screws and speed nuts, and special clips (e.g. side trim down the middle side of 62/63 series cars).  

Thanks for the reply Jason. The side trim is where im running into the fear of bending them by not removing them correct. What is your method for removing these? Any special tools? Im ebaying a shop manual now.

Brian, I have good 63 shop manuals for almost half the price on ebay. I don't know if you have a 63 or a 64.  email me at;  russ85747@hotmail.com 

You can get a plastic trim removal kit at harbor freight. https://www.harborfreight.com/5-piece-auto-trim-and-molding-tool-se...

Email sent.

Ill be stopping at harbor freight omw home tomorrow. Any chance for a breif explaining of which one works best on the side trim?



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