Trivia Question 16 - Dealer Option One Year - Factory Option the Next!

OK..Here is a trivia question I have meant to ask over the years but never got back to it. The question is:

What option was a Dealer Installed Only Option in 1963, but became a Factory Option in 1964?   
I know of one example... there may be more. 

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Kurt, The rear speaker was mount on the right side of the package tray for cars that had the spare mounted on the shelf, which included the the Coupes in 1963, and Coupes and 4 window sedans for 1964, but in the center on cars with the spare mounted on the trunk floor pan which included the 6 window sedans, and Fleetwood 60 Special. The picture for the 63 defogger looks to be a 6 window Sedan de Ville. I think you are asking since if the speaker was always on the right, the far right side vent would have been in the same general location.  
As a followup question and really getting into the nitty-gritty is:
What is the main different between the 63 dealer installed and 64 factory installed defoggers? Well, as seen in the picture, the 63 dealer installed has 2 outlet ducts, whereas the 64 only has the one on the driver side. 

 Jason ,my 63 6339  spare tire mounts on the floor  on right side , speaker in the middle of shelf ; is  that not correct?

Robert, That is correct. ... I should have included that note. For 1963, only the Coupes had the spare on the shelf. In 1964, the 4 window sedans also had the spare on the shelf.  I will add that o my note above. The bottom line is for cars with the spare on the floor, speaker was in the center.. at least on the cars I have seen.

  I have owned my car since 84, been here a number of years , and still learning about  these fine cars!  Didn't know that changed in 64.   So many cool details  to try and remember!

Robert, the migration of the spare on the shelf 1st for Coupes in 1963, then for Coupe's and 4W Sedans in 1964 would have been a good trivia question but one of those things hard to ask without confusing everyone and getting very wordy!  This does have me thinking about a new Newsletter section or page.. maybe something like a "Did You Know?" section were we point out some of these obscure but interesting facts! I will have to work on that!

Ah Thank ya , thank ya very much !

More than I ever wanted to know about a rear defroster and I don’ t even have one in a convertible — so how am I supposed to the answer to that —trick question anyhow   LOL !!!


Yeah, not fair Jason, my car came from Southern California, no bastard down there orders a friggin defogger.... ya maniac.

Worse part was, I was thinking about that afterwards, so I want, no, I demand, based on the above, I should at least score Robert's butt.

Noooooo, not that butt, the other butt.... :-)

We need a Fleetwood question, preferably one I would know the answer too. 

Here's your butt.... 

 Kevin , even if you had a rear defroster , it probably wouldn't blow the right way !

Thanks for butt Jason and yeah Robert, everything is arse about in the great land down under. :-) LOL

A Butt —- Bong !!

Things that make you go — Hummmmmmmmm ! 

For medical purposes ( or just getting high ) —I do assume !




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