Trivia Question 9 - Top 5 States with Most New Cadillac Registrations in 1963?

OK.. time for trivial. Kinda related to another post some of us have been following, name the Top 5 States with the Most New Cadillac Registrations in the 1963 Calendar year.
This is for all new Cadillac registrations regardless of body style or model year, but would obviously mainly cover new 1963 and 1964 Model Cadillac registrations.
Whoever lists the states in correct order 1st gets the Cigar!

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Robert had filled in #5 prior and # 3 is still incorrect.  Also, hold onto your guess for #50... I think you might know what the next trivia question might be!

So looking at list below... and I will give you the next 5, what state is #3:

1. California        20,275
2. New York        17,744
3. ????????
4. New Jersey     10,251
5. Michigan            9,922
6. Pennsylvania     9,800
7. Ohio                   8,294
8. Florida                8,075
9. Texas                 7,650
10. Massachusetts 3,920

OK. Kevin is 1st to list 4 of the top 5 in correct order. Michigan is #5 so we are still looking for #3. Also, I didn't expect guesses on exact #'s so I will fill those in.
Here is what we have so far:
1. California - 20,275
2. New York - 17,744
3. ???
4. New Jersey 10,251
5. Michigan   9,922

Let's put Illinois at number 3?


2. New York

3. Illinois

4. New Jersey

5. Michigan

BINGO! Michael Long gets the cigar. Here is your list of the Top 10 states for new Cadillac registrations in calendar year 1963:

1. California            20,275
2. New York            17,744
3. Illinois                 12,816
4. New Jersey        10,251
5. Michigan              9,922
6. Pennsylvania       9,800
7. Ohio                      8,294
8. Florida                  8,075
9. Texas                    7,650
10. Massachusetts  3,920

Duh, I live about two hours and change from Chicago.  I should have known that the first time around. Oh well I guess it was a better guess than Hawaii.

Mostly those numbers remind me that ---it was not often in 63-64 to see any of these cars on the road
To see one was a bit of a special WOW event then
To own one was a real WOW event ( then and now )
With 6 million people in NY State ( roughly ) and 20 thousand cars in 63 you can see my point
Did you notice that the top 4 states and cities with gangster affiliations in those years have the most-- New Cadillacs in our years ?
You were --not a Real gangster -- in NY if you did not drive a very shinny Cadillac in that time slot
What ever the number of 64 Cadillacs that were registered New in 64 in NY --
I just realized i was --one of them

Just a little life experience from that time in NY



Tony I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I was trying to come up with the top 5. The top 8 states used to have huge numbers of "connected" guys living in them when industry was booming, steel was king and GM wore the crown. Wise guys and Cadillacs go together like peanut butter and jelly!

I threw Texas in as possibility as # 3, thinking of rich oil fields, ranches etc, that a fair few Texans would buy a Cadillac.

Maybe everything isn't as big in Texas?



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