Hi Guys, just looking under the hood I noticed this 3 connection tied up. It seems to come out of the firewall with 3 others one of which appears to go to the cruise control unit (which isn't working as there is some sort of speedo cable tied up near the handbrake under the car another thing I will get onto)

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HA HA HA ....

Ha ha LOL, ever tried to understand an American auctioneer at the livestock auction!

Classy and Kevin in the same post? Hmm, have to think about that for a while...

Hey Anders

Do not be messing --with our super cool --Classy 64 Classic Antique Fleetwood Cadillac Austrailian ( Kevin mate ) represenative from down under
These guys --are in a class by themselves --owning one of these cars half way around the world from where they were built
Maintaining them does not get any easier that far from home
Having one of the more expensive 64 cadillac models ever built --does Class up his act and show his very good taste in fine cars

I do know you were just yanking his chain ----LOL !!


You see Tony, there is really three of us. Shane in Victoria, Mal Wade in New South Wales and me in Queensland..... that covers the entire east coast of Australia. Each one is a different colour too.... the cars Tony, not the owners. LOL all own 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Specials.


I myself did not put it together that there were three 64 Fleetwoods in parts of Austrailia until you pointed that out
I must admit all three are outstanding examples of that year model and car
Some very Classy car guys over there !

Now you have me wondering how many 63 and 64 Cadillacs in total are in your country
It is the great distance from the cars place of birth that is the big surprise to me
Not sure all this would be as easy to accomplish without our trusty computers available today
Sure makes the whole world a much smaller place than it once was
You do have to be blowing those Austrailian car guys out of the water when you come cruisen by in a 55 year old American classic Antique Cadillac there
They freek out when they see me on the road in America so half way around the world has to be that much more amazing an experience
Looks like-- Rock Star status --over there to me -- LOL !!

All the owners of our year Cadillacs are in a very unnique group of special car guys that is spread across the world
You just do not own a car like we do unless you have attained a degree of success in your life to be able to chase the car dreams you have that we live on a daily basis



There would be other Fleetwood's here for sure and yeah, it would be interesting to seethe entire number of 63/64's here.

The original Scarface convertible lives about 2 hours away from me here in Oz too.

They sure are rare here in OZ, I would hazard a guess and say 8-12, what do you think Kev?

i just love the look of amazement as you described Tony. People can’t get there head around the size and flamboyance of these behemoths on the road!


I enjoy pulling alongside a Korean Buzz Box at the traffic lights, always good a for a second look and just gliding by them on the highway.

I have never raced another car with my 64 convert
Only had the pedal to the metal twice to check for ignition detination playing with advanced timing In the last 15 years

I want to suggest if you have a need to be racing anyone in our year cars -- best to do that from a 20 mile an hour roll
You will be suprise how strong these car are from a slow roll
I know this from racing my fathers 55 Cadillac convert against many fast cars ( hot rods ) in the neigborhood back in the day

I would say the weakest link in our year cars drive train is the driveshaft ( propeller shaft ) that many have vibration issues that are expensive and difficult to correct
Launching this heavy car from a dead stop --is just to much abuse to the machine for me to be dealing with ever with this car that i just love being in
I just enjoy floating over the road and enjoying beautiful days with my girl for about 43 years
The 64 always has more than enough power always to do what is required when called on
My cars top is down more often than up when we are in the convert
For me there is a very short list of cars that are fun to own and drive and having one of my favorites forever --is the best !




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