I stopped by the restoration shop- where the 64 was taking forever to get done- to see the mechanic trying to diagnose the screwed up alignment job done on the 69 Fleetwood when I was stunned to see the almost finished '64 in the middle of the shop under a big "shower cap"

I lwas so ticked off and frustrated by the time and expense it took that  I didn't think I would keep the car. But I never saw it looking almost finished like this. Don't know what to do.

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I would hope that you keep it. At least drive it for a few months before you make the decision.

Russ, thank you for your thoughts. I suppose I should at least try out your brake drums which were blasted, powder coated and cut before installation.

The car now has a fully restored climate control system, but we are also on the verge of winter driving weather in NY. 

Maybe a chance for a few rides but the show and hobby season around here is over. 

Pethaps it's time for a warmer climate move.


Keep it. You will regret it the rest of your life if you let it go. And with all hard job and all hard earned money spent you really should reward yourself.

I really love the pictures.


Thanks. That's one very good case for not making a rash decision. However after 13 years of never ending projects I thought this would get me something to enjoy for one season - just past- and create value in the car for the market place. Instead 13 months and double the allotted budget and here we are. 

On the other hand, shop does some very fine finish work and insisted in addressing EVERTYHING that needed attention. We put in a new windshield (my request) and they rebuilt virtually all the vacuum diaphragms in the climate control and made one good NSS out of three old ones, reconstructed the old cracked power window switches, etc. Dash and steering column disassembled bead blasted and painted, New wood veneer throughout even on the a/c vents! And so on.

What these pictures show is a rework of the single stage enamel paint job I did as soon as I got the car in 2005. It came with dirt, air bubbles and sanding scratches visible but you wouldn't believe how they fixed it. Wet sand, polish, fill and blend chips and scratches. Still imperfect but amazing.

You cant stay mad a guys that produce results like this.


Jeff, even after you get it home, often, something's will still test your patience.

Stick with it, get some test miles on it close to home and hold onto it for at least 12 months. By then, you'll have fell in love again for all the right reasons.

Sell it, what, for less than it will owe you for sure, so someone else gets all the benefits...... DON'T DO IT.

Take ya time, fall in love all over again.


Thanks for weighing in. The consensus is running in favor of holding on to it. 

Ill be getting back (if they ever finish) a virtually brand new car. 

I have no idea how to preserve it. I have a garage attached to the house but that doesn't seem adequate. 

Any ideas?

Yep, send it to Australia and I will maintain it for you.

You can drive it when you come here for holidays.

That's the best offer I've had so far. Thanks. 

Maaaate,I've got loads of space and it can be happy parked up next to the  64 Fleetwood.

Come on, you get that big ol girl all packed up and on her way.

Air condition  and heat the garage ( in NY ) to maintain a constant temp and humidity —would be my best guess 

mostly keep the car out of any harsh weather element always 


Hey Jeff

i do think  you really —do know what to do !!

just get over the Shock —to your bank account and  —you will be a Happy Camper Again 

that will take a few minutes 

that is not just a 64 Cadillac —-it is a 64 ELDO convertible in mint condition 

the crem de la crem ( no chance I spelled that right )

you will have - very very very bad dreams— if you let her go after all the Blood Sweat and Tears you already put into that Beauty 

every day you keep that car the more value she is gaining and you have the cradencial of having the work done by a very good restoration shop which many wish they had the funds to do 

you may even regain every penny you put into her at some point in the future if you must part with her 

sometimes ———we do not no what we have —- till it’s Gone !!!!

Love your Classic Antique 1964 Cadillac  Eldorado my self - my man !

Enjoy  the journey       ( or your doing something very wrong ) 


why do you think this guy has this car in the middle of his shop under cover—- like it is !

he wants the world  and anyone who enters his shop —to know he is responsible for restoring one of the Finest Classic Antique cars in the world 

he may not want to give it back to you for just that reason ( as I recall an upholstery shop doing  here in the past )

very good business for him to Showcase the car as he is doing 

Besides you just paid for his kids college education  LOL !!

i do think you will be Very Sorry you sold this car— if not at first some place down the road in the future 

i do often Dream  I have my 1963 Chevy 409 425 HP 4speed  Super Sport ( track record holder ) locked away in a garage someplace from time to time and then I wake 

but I truly did wear that great machine out so that is why I sold it  and got my first early 60’s  Cadillac ( 1962 ) convertible which was responsible for me being —Cadillac Crazy about my 1964 convertible 

Being a Super Gear Head - these cars fit the bill to a T

I know you Will come to your senses —-Soon !




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