Hi there,

maybe someone can help me with this issue.

I own my 63 CdV for over 13 years now and sometimes - mostly in summer - 
when driving I hear a whining noise. 

Changed transmission fluid several times, rear bearings, front bearings, even changed the 
complete front brake system. No change. 

The sound is not depending on rpm of the motor, it's a mystery. 
And it doesn't appear every day, some months I hear nothing.

Did anyone had this problem before? 
I add an MP3 I recorded of this.

Thanks and stay healthy,
Sammy from Germany

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Pull the drive shaft and check the carrier bearing. 


If you contact Jason Edge he will be happy to add the gasket supplier you used to the Part Suppliers list  in the header so many others can benefit 

Open the Part Suppliers page in the header for more info on the subject and contacting him


Vintage Carburetors & Gaskets Added to Parts Supplier page. I have ordered from them before and are highly recommended.

Jason and Kurt 

Thanks for the supplier info addition that gets a heads up from both of you 


You can troubleshoot a vacuum leak as others have described with water, or better yet squirts of starting fluid which will suddenly increase your rpms.  I would check it with a vacuum gauge to see how much vacuum you have.  My guess is that you should troubleshoot the a/c system for your leak not ruling out your compressor since you mentioned "mostly in summer."  Is the a/c running when you hear the noise?? I am sure you have already eliminated belt noise when the system is on, as well as water pump bearing noise under belt pressure.  I use a stethoscope (cheap one) to look for noises, or even a long thin screwdriver if you are careful.  I don't believe in ignoring a recurring noise until it breaks, usually costs more to fix it or get towed in.  Good luck.

Hi Douglas, the spray I use is doin' exactly the same thing. 
But no rpm change, so I guess there's no leak.

AC is off, I already tested all these things. 
The sound is never heard when the car is standing still, only when moving.
And it stays the same when I put it in "N" while driving and push the throttle.
So I can tell for sure it is not rpm dependent.

Your recording sounds like a pressure leak of some kind.  I would'nt give up on a vacuum leak yet.  Sometimes they are hard to pinpoint, and are in the accessories especially the monkey motion on the climate control a/c, whether it's on or not. You should be able to hear a vacuum leak while standing still, except that you may need more rpms (pressure on the engine) to wake it up. Don't overlook the pcv fittings either.  They have a way of leaking as well. Have you pressure checked your cooling system?  You said you did the brakes,  sometimes when the fluid hasn't been changed for years and the system is not fully bled, it can cause problems as well maybe air in the booster.  By the way, the reason I suggested starting fluid is because it has ether in it which excites the motor right away.  Try unhooking different lines or accessories and see it you find it that way, Good luck, I hope some of this helps!

Hi Douglas, I changed brakes and wheel bearings twice because of the whistle sound. 
As far as it doesn't appear at all while standing still and idling or rising rpm while 
standing, I still believe it's something on the rear end of the transmission. 
Maybe governor or shaft sealing or like some mentioned before the carrier bearing. 

Put a long rod of some kind — screwdriver - breaker bar etc  —on to the engine and then to your ear to hear an engine noise more clearly in a given location 

Will magnify the sound 
Waiting for the sound to get worse would be the last possible course of action after the problem cannot be located to determine what needs to be repaired which is unknown at this time 


I would also try servicing the PCV valve.  It's a very quick and simple operation.  If you are only driving in the summer it may well be stuck or tacky enough to stick in a partially open mode sometimes.  This could cause the whistle.  Take it out and clean it thoroughly with carb cleaner, let dry and reinstall.  (If it is the PCV valve, you want it taken care of ASAP as it can damage engine if stuck.)

Thanks, yes I did change it last year for other maintenance reason. 
But like the possible intake leaks this should occur while idling and not only while driving. 

The noise on your recording does not sound like a bearing related one to me.  It sounds like a pressure issue in the vacuum system or pcv as already mentioned.  You've done a lot of things, but I would redo all of the pressure related checks and clamp things off etc. as previously suggested  Don't overlook anything pressurized including the lower power steering assembly if the fluid hasn't been changed for years.  You have all of us wondering what this could be, but it's something you can hear.  Like most classic car mechanics, I have done things over many times looking for a problem only to find I did miss something before and then I finally found it!  



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