hey, does anyone know what is the difference between a wiper motor that has part #4911877 and one that has #4911277. Basically , I need a new wiper motor ,( for a 63 coupe Deville ) I found one that has the second part number ,but the first number is what is suppose to be in the 63, just not sure what the difference is . 

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I have not looked up the numbers but the basic difference between a 63 and 64 wiper motor is that the 63's have a metal cover plate and the 64's are plastic

The 1965 Master Parts book lists the following:
- 1963 thru 1964 exc 75/CC ..... part # 491 1877
I do not see a listing for 491 1277.  This could have been another GM Make #, or later production # used as substitute but I cannot verify from the 1965 MPB. If it is physically the same, I would give it a shop you can try before buying. ... so it would probably be down to visually comparing online. I would also make sure it has been tested.  I have posted a scan of the wiper motor info from the 65 MPG at bottom.

To Gene's point most of the 63's I have pulled in have the metal cover while the 64's have the plastic cover. I did just pull in a later production 63 that had the plastic cover but could have been simply replaced at some point. From the MPB the pumps were sold as a separate assembly. And for 1964 you see a separate plastic cover.
Regardless of type cover, the 63/64 washer pumps are interchangeable.



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