I'm using a bunch of different sources to try to build a fairly complete single wiring diagram for my 1963 Series 62 convertible. I've got a couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know what the circuit circled in red on the attached image does? Near the bottom of the marked area it seems to have a switch between the white wire and black grounded wire, but I have not been able to find this circuit leg in any other diagrams I've looked at.

2. If the car has AC, does the typical AC wring replace the non-AC blow/heater wiring? I assume cars with AC have only one blower motor. Can anyone confirm?

Once I get done, I'll share the work with this group. I know about (and have) some of the other color diagrams. I am building my own not just to get me the picture I want, but also because it helps me better understand how the car is wired. Fortunately, the wiring in my car seems to be in decent shape.

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It appears to be the door activated switch circuit for courtesy lamps.

While the door activated switches  have come up here 

They are  A somewhat simple and fragile switch design

We have an —on always circuit —in our year cars which included the door switches for courtesy lights - the clock —the glove box - the trunk light —emergency windows op —-etc 

Usually when you have any issues with that circuit it will be one of the door switches —-that will be the cause of your problem with that circuit as the switches kind of fall apart 

The design is so simple  that I wonder how the hell they have ever lasted as long as they have 

I have replaced mine with a more modern design ( with two pig tails from NAPA )  rather than to keep having an issue with them  coming apart and causing a problem over and over 

Just a heads up on that 


Thanks for the replies.

Dan, that was what I thought at first too, but the diagram has front and rear door switches located elsewhere. However, your idea leads me to a question. Is there a switch inside the car to turn on the courtesy lights (perhaps on a ceiling light on a hardtop car)?. I have a convertible, so I suspect such a switch might exist, but not on a convertible.

In the 64 convertible there is a switch —on the back of the bench seat so the rear passengers can turn on the courtesy lights in the back seat on each side— in front of the ash trays arm rest 

Easy to hit this switch when whipping down the seats and wondering why the heck you lights are on 




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