Hello Everyone, other than putting batteries in a flashlight my electric background stinks. I have a 12v 45rpm record player I want to mount to the bottom of the dash above the transmission hump. I can do that . The speakers are not an issue since the player sends out a signal on 1600 am. I can attach the ground wire to the dash. The power wire is to be hooked to the postive side of the fuse box. It has a 5amp fuse on it. I figure I could stick the wire with connector into a clip holding a fuse like for the radio. What I don't know how to do safely is check the box for the postive side. I would appreciate any assistence..but  explain it to me like I'm 4 years old..and as if your looking at it while laying on your back looking up at the box so you can read the writing on it...Thanks again Tom      

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Comment by Russ Austin on December 4, 2012 at 9:14pm

All the fuses are going to be hot, or positive.   Look on the side of the fuse box for a terminal, where you could plug in the hot wire to the record player.  There should be 2 terminals where you could plug in an accessory.


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Vanity mirror

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Can anyone give me a heads up on how to get the vanity mirror of the passenger sunvisor without breaking it ??? I want to recover the visors to match the new interior.

Steering wheel

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 Just noticed what looks like a very nice steering wheel on EBAY: two tone green. I have absolutely no  connection or interest in it. If somebody needs it, the price is a fraction of repair cost. Just putting this out there.

Upper Grill Extension pieces.

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Hi all,

It looks to me like one of the upper grill extension pieces on my 63 was replaced along the way. Notice how the one on the left has a curved edge, and the one on the right is straight. Can someone take a look at theirs and tell me what it is supposed to be? Is this a difference between a 63…


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Can someone tell me how the chrome strip that is on the underside of the front of the hood is attached? This is a V shaped strip that attaches to the 2+ inch extension on the underside of the hood. Is it nut and bolt, Screw and retaining clip, bolt and captive nut? Something else? I am guessing that it will be the same for all 63's and 64's , but if it matters I have a 63 sedan.


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