I hope i am not breaking anyones bubble but if you choose to remove the speedometer you can change the mileage on these cars to anything you desire it to be by just adjusting some of its internal parts and changing the numbers
That can lead to a lot of misconduct and cause you to by a car that is not correctly represented by its mileage
Just a heads up to study other aspects of the car to see if the mileage feels right for the wear and tear you may be looking at on a given car
Break peddle wear for example etc ( unless the brake peddle was replaced --LOL )
Pick a number an that can be the current mileage you show on the dash ---Surprised ??
I bet some of you just might be
Many of our cars have been around the clock once and when reading 35,000 miles is really 135,000 miles
In the years these cars were built the life expectancy of a car was about 125,000 miles give or take a few thousand
Not like todays cars that go 250,000 to 300,000 miles due to the advent of CNC machining years later
Thought a few might find this as a possible eye opener

Want your car to be newer than it is like MAGIC !


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Comment by Christopher Codd on November 4, 2017 at 11:13pm

I honestly don't get the hype with low mileage cars unless they are a museum piece. I'd rather have a car that's been driven and maintained than one that has sat for years and years without being driven. Look at Jason's car. It has some miles on it, but it looks and runs like a champ. It's probably one of the best examples of these cars in existence. 

Comment by Clovis on November 5, 2017 at 12:38am
Hmmmm...okay I'll...no if...wait what?

A 53 or 54 year old car with a tampered odometer? It's possible I guess but if your buying anything 50+ years old I would think that would be the last thing your looking at. Wait sorry first thing but only to so you take a second look based on price. I've seen cars with genuine low mileage that are rusted out junk. I've also got a 1987 Mercedes 560sl convertible that's like new with 135,000 miles on it. I've got a 65 Impala that's in terrible shape and who knows the odo could have turned over ten times. It may even end up with a new odometer in the thing during the rebuild. BUT ITS OVER FIFTY YEARS OF AGE!!!! It's not even relevant when it's that age. Would someone look a a model T and ask if the odometer has been rolled back? Of course not because at a certain point mileage is no longer relevant to the car. Take Kev's car at 135000 or so miles. He's still got the factory painted codes on his frame.

At what point is mileage still relevant? The kind of cars that it is relevant is what haggerty call a #1 car, so a museum car. You hope that no matter what the mileage your new old car has its has already had the engine rebuilt. It's fifty years old get one that's been rebuilt. My car came with a rebuilt motor and only 71,000 true miles. Could it have been 171000? Possibly but I doubt it and I have absolutely no other history on that thing.
My 1977 colony park had 49,000 when I got it and it had a freshend engine. Heads were pulled and milled twenty thou, new upper gaskets, new carburetor new air pump and pipes and new fuel tank.
As cars get old there is so many things done to them to keep them going that mileage becomes a moot point. It all comes down to what has been to to maintain it over the years.
And remember the number one rule in buying anything "caveat emptor"
Comment by Clovis on November 5, 2017 at 12:46am
Can you even go to jail for changing out a gauge pod? Say your speedo broke and you got a replacement off of Jason. Your old one had 99,000 on it and the new one rolled over to 39,000. If you told a new buyer that you basically rebuilt and changed everything front to back restoring the thing could he come back and sue you for changing that odometer? I would hope the judge would laugh and throw that out the door. Hell that odo could have been changed before already. Who knows when it's over fifty and changes hands 15 times?
Comment by Tony and Ginny 429 on November 5, 2017 at 12:58am
Mileage is an important factor which indicates driveline wear and reasonable life expectancy of parts but if parts have been replaced or rebuilt ( restored ) giving them new life the mileage number becomes much less important if at to the owner
The car just appears To be newer( less wear ) with less miles on the Speedo

Jasons 64-CDV is the best example of a 64 in the world in my opinion an that will be proven in the near future when Dino ( his car ) wins the Grand Nationals in his class
One of the best examples indeed

Comment by Kevin Campbell on November 5, 2017 at 1:38am

When we bought the Fleetwood, I knew it had down 120,500 miles or near enough to 200,000 klm. Anyone with a keen eye, will sort the wheat from the chaff, because, if I tried to pass off our car as only 26,000 miles these days, i'd be laughed at.

I think too many focus too much on the mileage and become obsessed with it, when many cars with higher mileage will be a better car by a long way.

Is like dick size, it is what it is and you need to deal with it. :-) 

Not my fault i'm 220lbs of pure dynamite with a half inch fuse.

In fact, I reckon a car with decent mileage, well serviced, maintained and looked after blows away, something that has done bugger all mileage.

Boats are a good example, buy a low hour boat and see what stuffs up on it.

The Cadillac's are meant to be driven....  and drive 'em we do. I whacked another 360klm (220 miles) on our yesterday.

Comment by Jason Edge on November 5, 2017 at 8:01am

Whether we personally consider it important, mileage is a prominently featured component of auto advertising. It can tell you something about the car if it is accurate, and tell you something about the seller if it is not.
 The actual mileage of a car along with it's maintenance & restoration history provides valuable information for a car. For example, and since it was mentioned several times, my 64 CDV has 164K miles.  Open the hood and you might think my car has 5K miles.  While the odometer reads 64K, if I were selling I would be up front and let them know it has rolled over once, and 164K actual miles on the car is accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I would then let them know (with documentation) that engine was rebuilt 3K miles ago. All suspension replaced about 5K miles ago, transmission replaced with rebuilt transmission 6K miles ago, and show 2 complete paint jobs with body repair in 2005 then in 2015/16.  Most people like honesty and complete details when considering an older car project. 
Also, mileage can be used as a quick indication that you are dealing with a huckster who claims the car is original say 25K miles, and you see heavy wear on brake pedals, driver seat, carpet, trunk, etc and  see that most hose clamps, master cylinder, and many other items in the engine compartment have been replaced with aftermarket items. By the way, engines painted Ford Blue is an immediate red flag to me as it is the quick and easy way to spruce up an engine with out getting the accurate paint color.  So if I see someone intentionally lying about the mileage I assume there are probably other things about the car the seller is probably covering up and will stay very clear of such car. As Kevin indicated, it is very easy to change the odometer reading. Just pull the wheel and spin the numbers! I have actually "set" these for customers that did want the true and accurate reading for their cars. They, like me want an accurate reading of the actual miles of the car. 
The value & condition of a car really has nothing to do with the odometer, but the odometer provides valuable information about the history of your car. I am proud of Dino's 164K miles and quickly point that out to people that see it for the first time. I have a lot of history from it's early history, and of course tons of info on my history with the car and restoration projects and would never, ever try to alter the odometer. It would be like me forgetting the birthday and age of my mom! Ain't gonna happen! LOL

Comment by Russ Austin on November 5, 2017 at 8:42am

I have a NOS odometer with zero miles on it. I think the price just went up on it.  1 million dollars....mooahhahahahaha.

Comment by Tony and Ginny 429 on November 5, 2017 at 11:11am
I know how fair you always are with your pricing of parts
Will you take $ 900,000 for the odometer ? HA HA HA LOL ! ! !

Comment by Clovis on November 5, 2017 at 11:15am
Hey hey heyyyy there wait a minute Jason sir!!! Are youse callin me shiester? Ford blue doth nottice maketh one a shiester! It only makes you cheap LOL. That and the fact you've already got an arm, leg and first born invested in the thing. And buy the way Ford made two engine paint colours. One just happens to be an exact match to Cadillac blue, see here put these rose coloured glasses on and look at that beautiful engine.

Russ quit hoarding parts on us!!

Prior to buying my Cadillac I'd never seen Cadillac blue paint or even the dark blue Ford engine paint. I've mostly always been a Chevy guy. So that wasn't even close to being on my radar when I found my car. I don't even think the mileage was posted in the ad or the fact the engine was rebuilt. I went for an initial peruse of the car, pulled up the trunk mat crawled under it looked in the fenders and engine bay then tapped all over the body to look for bondo. Finding a rust free body I left not thinking I was going to buy it though. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and jacked up the the front and back and pulled off the wheels to check the brakes. Everything was in new condition.
Here what I said to the owners when I made my offer, "every piece of rubber on the car needs replacement, doors, windows, fuel and brake lines, all under hood hoses etc. The seats need to be redone and new wheel cylinders along with master cylinder and booster need replacing. Total fluid change and and whatever may be wrong with the steering and suspension since its 50 years old. The a/c doesn't work so that will also need repair. I told them that by the time I'm done restoring it to a nice drivable car it will take twenty thou. I sad I need to state the obvious and why my offer is what it is. At no point did I ever ask or have a concern about the mileage nor did they, the car is fifty years old and it really isn't relevant buying this type or condition car I was buying.

And that 15 to 20 thou, I've blown past that manny moons ago LOL

Paint? I'll probably get docked a couple points for the Honda pearl green paint on my fenders pmsl.
Comment by Tony and Ginny 429 on November 5, 2017 at 12:17pm
I spent all my money on women drinking drugs and waisted the rest !
Thats what its for
Enjoy your Hobby Car -- i know you are !!!
Your interesting and unique approach to your ride is exposing many of us to new things that many of us are seeing for the first time and a bit of an education into new updated technology being installed on our Antique Cadillacs
Making the work you are doing very understandable due to your posts and documentation on this site
Thanks for the education and interesting to know your motivation is to improve your machines efficency which could be something we can all benefit from as you project unfolds
Interesting having you around and watching you in action for many reasons



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